Bob Arum

Bob Arum disagrees with Dana White going on with UFC 249

The show must go on. Right now the UFC is doing their best to hold UFC 249 on April 18. Turns out that the decision to go on with the event during the COVID-19 pandemic isn’t sitting well everyone, and rightfully so.

Legendary boxing promoter Bob Arum is slamming Dana White for his determination to put on UFC 249.

The 88-year-old Bob Arum told the CBS Sports “State of Combat” podcast that White “should be ashamed of himself.”

“What’s going on in this country and the world with this virus, the last thing we need is for an event to take place with no spectators just to get the event to take place,” he said. “But the truth is, Dana White is somebody with a flawed intelligence.”

Arum recently made the decision to completely shut down his events and he vows that he won’t make any plans for upcoming events until he knows what’s happening with coronavirus outbreak.

“People ask me what plans I’m making for these fights when we will get the all clear. Because I don’t know when the all clear is going to be and I have no idea whether it will be two months, three months or even the rest of the year, I’m not making any plans right now,” he said. “When this thing looks like it’s clearing up, we will start making plans.”

As of right there is no official location or fight card for UFC 249.

The main event between Khabib Nurmagomedov and Tony Ferguson is in jeopardy due to Nurmagomedov being stuck in his home country of Russia. A number of fighters have made it known that they are willing to fight in the main event. Dustin Poirier, Tyron Woodley, Kamaru Usman and Jorge Masvidal have all been vocal about wanting the opportunity.

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