Bokang Masunyane

Bokang Masunyane: “Either way, I believe I’m going to get the win.”

Going into ONE 156, Bokang Masunyane takes on Jarred Brooks and thinks that the winner is going to add on to their highlight reel. He feels ready for the matchup and that he is ready to show the world what he’s all about.

Bokang Masunyane vs. Jarred Brooks at ONE 156

Masunyane doesn’t take anything away from Jarred Brooks. He knows how good of a fighter he is being locked in the cage with and is ready to test himself with such a challenge.

“He’s very explosive. He’s got very strong punches, so that’s something I need to be aware of. But also, if I’m just aware of the punches, he’s got takedowns to get things to the ground.

Bokang Masunyane says that it is his dynamic and athletic abilities as a full-fledged mixed martial artist that will put him on top and he knows that fans will be in for a treat tuning into ONE 156 this weekend.

“I believe I am more dynamic because I know how to use my wrestling for striking, and I know how to use my striking for wrestling. I believe that I’ve got more of a well-rounded game than he has. But I take nothing from him. He’s got very strong hands, and he’s got very good takedowns. It’s going to be a very interesting fight. I believe it has got the potential of becoming the Fight of the Night.”

Masunyane knows how good of a fighter Brooks is and knows that he’s in for a hard night at the office. But he’s confident he will have his hand raised on the night.

“Either way, I believe I’m going to get the win. Whether it’s a finish, or whether it goes all the way to three rounds, I believe I’m going to come out as the man on top at the end of the day.”

Pointing to his heritage, Bokang Masunyane says he’s not one to back down from a fight and that he’s ready for anything and that’s what makes him a bonafide title contender.

“In Africa, life is hard. For me to back down in fights is not even an option. If I win, that’s more food on the table for me. I’m going in there with my African power to take that win, and I know it’s going to bring me closer to the title.”


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