Brad Riddell

Brad Riddell’s streak continues, defeats Dober via unanimous decision

Drew Dober vs Brad Riddell

In a lightweight matchup, Brad Riddell looks to keep his six fight winning streak alive as he takes on the much more experienced veteran, Drew Dober.

Dober, a 16 fight veteran in the UFC is coming off of a submission loss to Islam Makhachev in the third round. Eager to get back in the win column, a slight mistake from Riddell might prove to be costly due to Dober’s efficient striking.

Riddell who is currently on a hot streak, looks to make it seven wins in a row over the more experienced Dober. Riddell’s last outing was a unanimous decision win over Alex Da Silva.

Here’s how the lightweight bout between Drew Dober and Brad Riddell went down at UFC 263, including round-by-round scoring. For full results of the event, check them out right here.

Round 1: The fighters waste little time and get right to work. Dober starts first with heavy punches and is countered with a hard hook by Riddell. Amidst a few striking exchanges, Dober clips Riddell with a staggering punch that stops Riddell in his tracks. Dober jumps on his wounded opponent, looking to put an early stoppage to this bout. He lands several hard blows that take their toll, but Riddell recovers well and gets back to his feet and starts throwing his own hard, calculated punches to get back in the fight. Dober isn’t backing down an inch, walking forward in an attempt to continue the punches. With 10 seconds left Riddell steps into land 3 hard right hands to close the round.

MyMMANews cores round 1 for Drew Dober. 10-9

Round 2: Dober gets back to where he left off, marching forward with hard punches and staggers Riddell early, once again. He pounces on Riddell, sensing he’s hurt again and gets clipped with a punch in the process. Dober switches levels for a successful takedown, securing the back. Riddell reverses positions and the fighters stand back to their feet. Riddell steps out of the clinch after a hard lead elbow to Dober against the fence. The two fighters get into a brief scrap before Riddell scoops Dober off of his feet, this time. Riddell attempts to step over into mount and Dober explodes back to his feet. A brief slugfest ensues, and a minute is left in the second round to work. Riddell begins to pick up the with his punches as the round comes to a close.

MyMMANews scores round 2 for Brad Riddell. 10-9

Round 3: The fighters touch gloves and get to work. Riddell lands a hard overhand right that wobbles Dober. Dober continues to pressure forward and forces the takedown attempt against the fence. Riddell reverses and the two breaks away from the fence and back to the center of the cage. Riddell utilizes his kicks while Dober is loading up on heavy punches that are blocked. Riddell lands a hard right hook and Dober presses forward once more, to get even. Dober is dictating the pace but Riddell is landing the better and crisper strikes. Dober shoots for another takedown but is fended off easily. Dober is still swinging with ill will in every attempt but gets clipped with a clean right hand that dazes Dober in his tracks in the closing moments. Riddell senses Dober is hurt and pounces on his foe. With time running out, Riddell isn’t able to put his foe away but scores one more takedown to put a stamp on the round

MyMMANews scores round 3 for Brad Riddell. 10-9

Official result: Brad Riddell defeats Drew Dober via unanimous decision.
(29-28), (29-28), (29-28)

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