Brad Strand on TV Debut With Queensbury Promotions

Brad Strand made his TV debut this year and the young boxer looks to continue his momentum after winning on the Queensbury Promotions card that aired on BT Sports. Brad Strand moved to 4-0 with his win on points.

Strand was a bit critical of his performance immedately after the fight was over. But, after watching the fight, Strand surprised himself.

“When I first got out the ring, I had a little bit of a problem with myself, thinking I didn’t box that great, but when I watched it back I done better than what I thought I did.“

He continues saying he’s often too hard on himself and he is always looking for improvement.

“Obviously, you’re always your own worst critic aren’t ya, but I know what I could have done better, but that’s just whatin your next campthe things that you work on and put right.”

Brad Strand and Everton Red Triangle

Brad Strand’s coach, Paul Stevenson, is part of the reason why Strand has been successful. His coach has a load of tools on hand that makes his boxers better.

“He’s the one who is teaching us all every day. He has a base of what he teaches us all, but he also works with us all individually too. He’s got loads of boxers to work with, so must be hard for him but he’s good at what he does.”

But, even though Brad Strand is finding success, he feels right at home in his home gym of Everton Red Triangle.

“It doesn’t feel like that when we’re all in here,” he shrugged. “It just feels normal. We’ve been in the gym since we first started boxing, so every morning just feels normal. But it’s busy, it’s choca’ most mornings when we’re all in there together.

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