Brendan Loughnane (Credit: PFL)

Brendan Loughnane (Credit: PFL)

Brendan Loughnane on potential second PFL world title: “What kind of a man does that make me?”

The toughest test in MMA, the PFL Regular Season has continued to get tougher since the merger of the Bellator roster and the injection of new competition has made the 2024 season even that much more of a challenge. Former PFL Featherweight champion Brendan Loughnane is witness to that very slogan coming true before his eyes, and as he enters PFL 6 with six points as the current top seed, he’ll look to lock up the No. 1 seed with an impressive victory over Justin Gonzales.

During his pre-fight meeting with the media on fight week, Loughnane was asked about the challenges that await in the PFL Regular Season and how much it would mean to him to get a second world title under the PFL promotion. Unlike other promotions where a fighter can become champion and continuously defend his belt, every year is a new year for all fighters in the PFL, champions included, which means the pursuit of a world title starts back at the beginning each calendar year.

“It’s the hardest competition in combat sports, I tell everybody that. So if I can do this twice, what kind of a man does that make me?”

Not looking to jump too far ahead and commit to a future third pursuit of the PFL title, Loughnane says he couldn’t be happier with his working relationship with the promotion, a joint collaboration that pays dividends for both.

“I think it’s a joint collaboration, I love the PFL, I’ve been here five years now. I’m one of the first people to come into this thing that is still sticking around, four tournaments in. I think my accolades speak for themselves, I’ve only lost to two champions, I won one season, and lost to the other two winners so I think that speaks for itself.”

A great superstar to represent the PFL, Brendan Loughnane has not only joined business for himself inside the SmartCage, but business around him as he has taken notice to the company’s continued growth around the world.

“I think it’s great. I’m really happy with this whole PFL European league thing, the fact that they’re going to MENA and all of that now. I have a lot of friends that I’ve always been telling PFL about and now they finally get their opportunity, $100,000 and then eventually $1 million and the belt, I think it’s amazing the expansion.”

Without hesitation Brendan Loughnane is not only a company man, but a man that the PFL as a company can get behind and use as the perfect example of what success looks like under their banner.

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