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Brendan Schuab knows Conor McGregor has been offered next opponent

Conor McGregor made his long-awaited return to the Octagon at UFC 229 where he took on Khabib Nurmagomedov for the lightweight belt. Ultimately, McGregor lost the fight in the fourth round by submission. Since the loss, McGregor has been clamoring for a rematch against Nurmagomedov. However, that seems unlikely.

If McGregor does not get the rematch, one opponent that seems likely is Donald ‘Cowboy’ Cerrone. After Cerrone won at UFC Denver, he said he would be going down to lightweight and his next opponent is an exciting fighter. Flash forward a week, and Cerrone called out McGregor saying he is just waiting on him.

Now, former UFC fighter and now an analyst, Brendan Schaub knows McGregor has a contract for his next fight.

“The Donald Cerrone-Conor McGregor fight was offered, that’s the plan and they’re waiting for Conor to sign the contract,” Schaub said on his Below The Belt podcast. “It’s up to Conor if he wants that as his next fight. I know from a legit source close to the situation that, that is the fight they want to do.

“It’s up to Conor McGregor if he decides to sign the contract or not. But that fight, from what I’m told, has been offered,” Schaub added. “‘When [Dana White] said they haven’t thought of an opponent for either Khabib or Conor, that’s not true either. For Khabib it’s Tony Ferguson, for Conor it’s Donald Cerrone.’”

Meanwhile, UFC President Dana White denied those rumors. Although, White has denied plenty fo rumors that have come true thereafter.

“That’s not true, absolutely not true. Obviously, that’s the fight that ‘Cowboy’ Cerrone wants but that’s not true,” White told TMZ. “We haven’t even thought about an opponent for either one of those guys yet – meaning Khabib or Conor. Those guys go before The Nevada State Athletic Commission in December than we’ll know what’s up.”

If the fight does happen it should be a fun fight overall. Cerrone is looking to make his way up the lightweight rankings to a title shot. While McGregor needs another win before he gets another shot at Nurmagomedov. Ultimately, this is a fight many fans hope to see, and it very well could happen in 2019 if Schaub is correct.