Brian Ortega controls The Korean Zombie for decision and gets title shot

Brian Ortega lands a shot on The Korean Zombie in the main event of UFC Fight Island 6. Ortega won the fight by unanimous decision.

Brian Ortega controls The Korean Zombie for decision and gets title shot

UFC on ESPN+ 38 recap intro: The long-awaited matchup between featherweights Brian Ortega and Chan Sung Jung headlines UFC on ESPN+ 38 tonight, Saturday, Oct. 17.

For the fourth-straight week, the Flash Forum in Yas Island, Abu Dhabi will serve as the home for the UFC. No. 4-ranked, The Korean Zombie battles fellow featherweight contender No. 2-ranked, Brian Ortega in the main event.

Ortega and “The Korean Zombie” look to settle their differences tonight on Fight Island. Winner will leap themselves into a title contentions. It’s No. 4 vs. No. 2. Will the Winner get a title fight?


Fight Recap:

Round 1

Both fighters feeling each other out. Ortega working the jab with his right hand. KZ swinging and missing from the outside. KZ delivers a straight right hand. BO mixing it up between kicks and hand strikes. BO pushes forward and lands a left ot the face of KZ. Moments later BO catches a kick and lands a big left dropping KZ on his butt. KZ stands right up and BO doesn’t go rushing in. KZ trying to push forward with a left hook and then throws a kick that gets caught and attempts a spinning elbow as BO attempts to throw a right. The horn sounds ending round one of the main event.

MyMMANews scores round one 10-9 for Brian Ortega.

Round 2

Both fighters come out patient again for round two. KZ pushes the pressure landing a few shots to BO against the cage. BO covers up and scrambles off the cage. They are now in the center of the cage. BO went for a takedown and KZ fights off the takedown and they remain standing. BO starting to get his front kicks going. KZ standing in the pocket landing a couple strong shots that made its way through to BO’s face. BO goes for a head kick thats blocked by KZ. KZ comes rushing in and BO lands a massive spinning elbow of his own that dropped KZ. BO jumps on him for ground-and-pound and KZ manages to get back up the his feet. BO finishes the round with a takedown.

MyMMANews scores the round 10-9 for Brian Ortega.

Round 3

Round three starts like the first two. Two patient fighters. KZ trying to hold the center of the octagon. BO getting back to his right jab, snapping KZ’s head back. KZ trying to work that straight right, but it’s not doing much damage to BO. Bo keeps trying to mix it up as KZ walks him down from the center of the cage. BO grabs KZ’s leg faking the takedown and then throws the right hand. BO goes for another spinning takedown but couldn’t find a home for it. The round ends. Not a busy round by either fighter.

MyMMANews Scores the round 10-9 for Brian Ortega.

Round 4

KZ claims the center of the cage once again. KZ trying to pressure BO against the cage. BO now takes the center of the cage, but they both remain patient and throwing small exchanges. After a leg kick, BO goes in for a takedown and brings KZ to the canvas against the cage. The two fighters now back on their feet. Ref calls the doctor in to look at KZ’s cut over his left eye. BO now throwing body and head kicks. BO showing us patiences of a seasoned fighter. KZ throws a kick and it’s caught by BO and answered with BO’s right hand. BO going for a takedown and KZ fought off a strong single-leg attempt by BO.

Round 5

The final round starts and they meet at the center to hi-five. KZ takes the center and pressuring BO. BO throwing outside kick from outside the black center ring on the canvas. BO throws the jab and backs out. Bo throws a beautiful right and left hand that lands flush. KZ eats it all. KZ eats a snapping left. And, a snapping right. KZ is trying to pick up the volume against BO, but BO answering with strong counters. BO pulls back on a spinning elbow as the horn sounds.

MyMMANews scores the round 10-9 for Brian Ortega.

MyMMANews scored the fight 50-45 for Brian Ortega

Official Decision Brian Ortega def. Chan Sung Jung via Unanimous Decision (50-45, 50-45, 50-45).

DC announces Dana White said Brian Ortega gets Title shot next.

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