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Brittany Bickhart looks to build on impressive debut

Watching ringside in December at USKA, I never would have known that it was the in ring debut for Brittany Bickhart.  She was smooth with her footwork, threw crisp, beautiful combinations and dominated a very tough Jackalyn Brannan.  Brittany looked like a natural boxer and moved like a veteran.  It is a case of a young woman just falling in love with the training, working hard,   and having a dream to succeed.

Pleases check out our interview in the link above.  I had the chance top chat with the young talented fighter about her upcoming second fight at Grappling Championship Fights on April 28th from Penn State. Brittany is entering the ring to face the 1-1 Cheyenne Hall.

Bickhart also tells us that she plans on working her stand-up right now, but a move to mixed martial arts in the cage is in the future. I’m looking forward to seeing her career progress.  Brittany loves what she is doing and it shows.  Check her out.

Brittany Bickhart

Brittany Bickhart