Bruce Buffer

Bruce Buffer: It’s Time!

Bruce Buffer is a giant personality in the world of MMA. The UFC recently put out a short film about the UFC’s most ubiquitous octagon voice. Long time fans would already know many of the details. Nonetheless, the new production by the UFC is highly engaging. 

Buffer opens up about a number of topics including his childhood, meeting his brother Michael Buffer, his love for surfing, his work with the UFC and of course the infamous Frank Trigg story. 

Bruce and his father were boxing fans before the advent of the UFC. It was while watching a boxing event that Bruce saw Michael Buffer on TV. At the time, he did not realise he was watching his brother. Bruce would follow-up on his personal hunch, by combing through the yellow pages. He then asked his father, Joe Buffer about Michael, pointing out the unusual surname.  Joe Buffer wistfully answered that Michael was most likely to be Bruce’s brother.

Time would pass and the Buffer brothers eventually met. Bruce Buffer’s career started managing Michael. He secured trademark protection for Michael Buffer’s famous catchphrase “Let’s get ready to rumbbbbbllllllleeeeeeeee“. Michael profited hugely as a result. In Bruce’s own words, the phrase is a significant part of Americana. That’s no exaggeration. Even as a foreign fan, I mentally associate that phrase with any number of American boxing movies.

Michael Buffer, worked early on with the UFC. But conflict of interests arose. At this point, Bruce steps in. 

The voice of the Octagon

In the early days, Bruce tried different announcement catchphrases. Some were too long. He finally settled on “Ihhhttttt’s tiiiiiiiimmmmmmmmmmeeeeeee“. 

“I knew I was onto something when people started yelling ‘It’s Time’ at me” recalls Buffer with fondness. As they say, the rest is history. Buffer quickly established himself. Today, few things get fans hearts racing like Bruce Buffer’s voice. 

Buffer combined his gifted voice, with the discipline to appear consistently at UFC events, focus on a fighter while announcing and physical energy. Buffer would show flexibility, both mentally and physically. His trousers were tailored for movement. And his movements were tailored for impact.

Bruce Buffer and fighting 

Bruce Buffer is able to move around the way he does because of his physical fitness. He is an avid surfer. If you have not surfed before, you will be surprised at the amount of energy and balance that you need. Bruce has talked about getting into the octagon himself. 

But one story about Bruce and fighting is the stuff of legend. Once in an elevator, Bruce and UFC fighter Frank Trigg, got into an altercation. It started with Trigg delivering a chop to Buffer’s throat. Buffer was not scared. He returned fire. Soon the Trigg and Buffer were going at it. The others in the elevator were amused enough to let the fight go on. As soon as the elevator reached the lobby, the two stopped the scuffle and made peace. They remain friends to this day.

Bruce Buffer has made his mark on the sport. He did it by combining his innate talent, discipline, prudent commercial sense and courage.