Bubba Jenkins

Bubba Jenkins advances to playoffs after defeating Bobby Moffett at PFL 4

The PFL returns to Atlantic City, New Jersey for PFL 4 tonight, June 10, 2021.

This is the last regular season event of the year, showcasing the featherweight & lightweight divisions, with every card following being a playoff event.

Headlining the event was supposed to be a lightweight bout between former WEC & UFC lightweight champion Anthony Pettis, who was expected to face Alex Martinez tonight.

However, Pettis withdrew from the bout yesterday with an illness and was replaced by Natan Schulte. 18-3 Mikhail Odintsov was Schulte’s original opponent tonight, who was unfortunately left without a dance partner. Hopefully the PFL can reschedule that epic bout.

Pettis will now face Raush Manfio at PFL 6 next month, July 25.

Lance Palmer and Movlid Khaybulaev were also expected to fight tonight, but they’ll end up facing one another at PFL 6.

There were a number of rescheduled bouts tonight, another of which was Bubba Jenkins versus Anthony Dizy.

Dizy withdrew from the bout and was replaced by UFC veteran Bobby Moffett, and honestly, this is a better fight.

Jenkins in a two-time NCAA Division I finalist (one-time champion, one-time runner up), and Moffett is a dangerous BJJ practitioner with wicked front chokes. Will Jenkins leave his neck exposed when going for a takedown?

Continue reading to see how this featherweight bout went down:

Official Result: Bubba Jenkins def. Bobby Moffett via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Round 1

Jenkins comes out and immediately spams Moffett with takedowns right from the jump.

There were a couple times Moffett was able to get up and separate, like the time he momentarily locked up a ninja choke, but he was more or less mauled the entire five minutes. Jenkins sent a serious message of what to expect in round two.

Round 2

Jenkins opens up round two with a flying knee and presses Moffett into the cage off of it, before securing a single leg. He remains on top of Moffett in top turtle position reigning down some hammerfists, before Moffett scrambles back to his feet.

Moffett then presses Jenkins into the cage and wears on him for a minute or so, until Jenkins lands a couple beautiful, nasty knees to the body that backed him off.

Jenkins then takes Moffett down again and is reigning down ground-and-pound, remaining on top for the rest of the round.

Round 3

Jenkins gets Moffett down early once again at the start of round three and has him down for about another minute.

However, Moffett was able to lock up a ninja choke that had Jenkins in deep trouble, forcing him to a disadvantage position. He finally got out of it, but was having his neck cranked on again, this time from the back.

Moffett tried to secure a rear naked choke without the hooks but Jenkins was able to slide to his back and escape it.

The remainder of the round showed Moffett pouring it on a fading Jenkins, who was pinned up along the cage eating knees and punches. Moffett had a great round three, but it wasn’t enough when taking how we score fights into consideration.

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