Buffalo Chicken Wrap - Fight Night Feasts - Bellator 254

Buffalo Chicken Wrap – Fight Night Feasts – Bellator 254

Tonight is fight night.  Yes, Thursday’s are for the fights.

Bellator 254 is headlined by a women’s flyweight bout between current champion Ilima-Lei Macfarlane and challenger Juliana Velasquez.

Today, I am going to show you a VERY EASY meal to make.  This buffalo chicken wrap literally took me under two minutes to make.

First, I heated up a package of Buffalo Chicken breast provided by The Chicken Pound.

The Chicken Pound, Buffalo Chicken

What is The Chicken Pound?

The Chicken Pound will send you pre-cooked and packaged Chicken chunks as per your order. There are a variety of package sizes and flavors and dozens of easy recipes ready for you to make. The company has a chef with 25 years of culinary experience who just also happens to be a 3-time National Champion Bodybuilder and an IFBB Pro! He was the in-house Chef/Columnist for MuscleMag International; and has been featured in Muscle & Fitness, Flex, Muscular Development magazines.. And has appeared on Dr. OZ, Good Day NY and many other networks!

Buffalo Chicken Wrap Recipe


1 package of Buffalo Chicken from The Chicken Pound – You could also heat your own chicken and toss with Buffalo/Hot Sauce if you wish.

Shredded Cheddar Cheese

Shredded Lettuce


Red Onion

Wrap (I used Jalapeno Cheddar flavored by Mission Wraps.  You can use whatever you like, some use whole wheat)

Blue Cheese (I prefer Ken’s Chunky Bleu Cheese)



Place wrap on plate, add handful of shredded cheese, handful of shredded lettuce, cut up some tomato and red onion and throw in there as well.

Heat up the Buffalo Chicken from The Chicken Pound or your own fresh chicken.  For the Chicken Pound package, I microwaved the chicken for 1-minute.

Throw the chicken on top of the ingredients on the wrap and then top with as much bleu cheese as you desire, especially if your name is Ryan Sprague or Bob Meloni (inside joke).


bleu cheese

jalapeno cheddar wrap

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