Time for the Bulldog to bite back

Peter Davenport has been around the AFC for a long time now and safe to say it’s been a whirlwind journey for this talented martial artist. Many will recall his entertaining rivalry with ‘The Punisher’ Dean Purdon early on; and since then AFC fans have enjoyed watching Peter grow in the most challenging sport in the world. Wind back to AFC China, and we witnessed the culmination of that growth and Peter’s most mature and impressive performance to date:

“I enjoyed China a lot; great place to fight an experience.  Crowd are different to say the least!”

Time for the Bulldog to bite back

On that faithful night in Xian, Peter faced wile American veteran Harris Norwood. Harris brought forth a heap of international fight experience and a crafty game plan to boot, however Peter dissected his opponent over a couple of rounds on route to a career defining victory. Peter’s reflection of his performance is typically grounded as expected:

“I did what I had to do! Rich Poole has got our whole team in a great routine an we all stick to game plans now and it shows in our teams fight record.  Big things happening at ETC”

Although confronting, after a run of sub par experiences many felt Peter’s martial arts career was on the line in China, and another disappointing loss may have spelt the end for ‘The Bulldog’. Peter was as you could imagine elated after the victory; he may have even kissed AFC Commentator Josh Warner in the post fight interview further underpinning his relief with the performance. For Peter however, he wasn’t really fussed with what others may have thought about the status of his career:

“I don’t care what anyone thinks. I just love what I do and was enjoying the whole event”

As Peter mentioned earlier, his preparation for his upcoming fight on October 28 will take place in familiar grounds at the Elite Training Centre. Peter has absolute faith in the team around him and is assured that they will have him ready to go for his next showdown:

“All camp at ETC with my team an head coach Rich Poole.  I just stick to the program the coaches give us in fight camp”

When October 28 does roll around, standing opposite him in the AFC cage will be China’s Wang Shaowei. Peter has never been big on thinking about his opponent too much, and that definitely hasn’t changed on this occasion:

“I worry about me; and he will see that”

Peter has definitely become a far more well rounded martial artist since his commencement all those years ago. Stereotyped early as a wild brawler, Peter has now refined his martial arts arsenal and on that basis he feels he’ll have the advantage wherever the fight ends up:

“No matter what he throws I will defeat him in all areas”

Peter is one of the longest standing AFC fighters and as a result will have the opportunity to represent on the first AFC and Kunlun Fight co-promoted MMA Card. Wu is the focus right now, however a world of opportunity is well and truly at Peter’s doorstep should he deliver the goods, and his current attitude is a matchmakers dream:

“That’s up to the promoters, I’m here to stay and I will turn up and fight no matter where or when”

Given Peter’s affiliation to a good ol’ ‘punch on’ in the AFC cage, it would be remiss not to get his thoughts on the AFC Light Heavyweight title fight between reigning champion Jamie Abdallah and #1 contender Sokoudjou. Peter is pretty clear on who he believes will get the chocolates in this one:

Abdallah! It’s his time. He’s young and hungry an he’s got a massive future ahead of him.

This blockbuster card will definitely sell out so get your tickets now: Tickets

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