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Cathryn Millares excited to compete on all female Fight 2 Win 162 card

Cathryn Millares lives a very busy life with her nursing career and training as much BJJ as possible that she can fit into her schedule.  Now that Millares has had a taste of the competition, she seems hooked and is eagerly anticipating her trip from Pennsylvania to Miami, Florida to compete on the first ever all women’s Fight 2 Win card at F2W 162 on January 29th. MYMMANews.com caught up with the aspiring grappler  and registered nurse  and she tells us…

“My goal someday is to be a full-time instructor but I love nursing.  Nursing has always been my first passion.  I knew I wanted to be a nurse when I was little, but this year really rough.  I worked on the Covid unit for quite some time and it honestly helped me find a deeper love in jiu-jitsu.  I actually assist the teens in teaching and it has become one of my favorite things to do and especially because most of them are my size since I’m only 110 lbs. and I was also involved with the women’s team before all of these virus restrictions. Now I’m thankful for this opportunity on the F2W card and I’m going there to put people on notice and to be on the first all women’s card is really an honor.”

Cathryn will match-up with fellow purple belt LA’Catherine Transleau and the entire event will be live streamed on FLOGRAPPLING.

You can check out Millares full interview on the link above.  We touched on her journey into the BJJ lifestyle and her abbreviated camp.  You can see the passion pour out of her as she speaks about continually learning and perfecting her craft more and more as she prepares for her upcoming face-off. It sounds as though 2021 will be a very busy year for this young lady. You can follow Cathryn on IG at cathryn_ivy

Cathryn Millares

Cathryn Millares

Cathryn Millares


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