CFFC 90 results: Collin Huckbody vs. Aaron Phillips

CFFC 90 results: Huckbody becomes new 185-pound champ

Collin Huckbody claimed his status as the new Cage Fury Fighting Championships middleweight champion with a head kick on Thursday, Dec. 17.

After numerous head kicks landed, one finally stuck. The “Dana White Contender Series” alum sent Aaron Phillips backward when he landed the left high kick.

Huckbody swarmed his opponent to earn the second-round TKO victory.

Collin Huckbody named new 185-pound champion

CFFC kicks off another string of back-to-back events tonight at CFFC 90 on Thursday, Dec. 17.

Headlining the UFC Fight Pass card is a vacant middleweight title fight between “Dana White’s Contender Series” alum, Collin Huckbody and Aaron Phillips. Inside Freedom Hall in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, rising lightweights Zulkarnaiyn Kamchybekov and Richard Brooks meet in the co-main event.

There is plenty of talent spread throughout the card, including former UFC welterweight Nah-Shon Burrell and Chaka Worthy, the younger brother of UFC lightweight Khama Worthy.

You can see the highlights and all of tonight’s results here:

Josh Francis vs. Tim Cuamba

Tim Cuamba weathered the storm on his way to a first-round TKO win against Josh Francis. Francis came out aggressive on the feet with flashy spinning attacks.

Cuamba eventually found himself in top position, reining down ground strikes. Referee Bill Bookwalter warned Francis to stay active, giving the fighter plenty of time to respond.

Cuamba continued to throw strikes, earning a first-round TKO in his professional debut. Cuamba moves to 1-0, while Francis falls to 0-1.


Cedric Gunnison vs. Nick Olson

Cedric Gunnison countered a Nick Olson takedown with a guillotine victory in the second round.

Gunnison and Olson traded early on the feet. Gunnison eventually got Olson to the floor, but Olson quickly rose to his feet. In a high-paced first round, both men showed fatigue later in the round.

Gunnison’s corner spills ice between rounds one and two. Referee Bill Bookwalter cleans the cage before the fighters can resume.

Olson shoots for a takedown, but Gunnison defends and ends up in the top position. Gunnison cranks for a guillotine in top position and Olson is forced to tap in round two.

Gunnison remained unbeaten at 2-0, while Olson dropped his professional debut.

Turpal Khamzyev and Chaka Worthy

Turpal Khamzyev grinded out a split-decision win against Chaka Worthy.

Khamzyev and Worth went back and forth on the fete in the first. Khamzayev attempted a late takedown, but Worth defended.

Worthy landed more volume in round two, while Khamzyev is looking for heavier blows. A leg kick from Worthy hits Khamzyev in the groin. Referee Bill Bookwalter called for a break in the action to let Khamzyev recover from the low blow. Worthy found his rhythm in round two, countering often. Khamzyev scored a takedown late, but Worthy dominated majority of the round.

Similar story in the third, Worthy countered. Worthy got the better of the exchanges on the feet.

Khamzayev looked for a head kick late. He then shot for a takedown, but Worthy defended it. The fight went back to a standing exchange.

Khamzayev improved to 3-3, while Worthy fell to 3-3.


Kasey Tanner vs. Calvin Harbaugh

Kasey Tanner welcomed Calvin Harbaugh to his world on the ground.

Tanner earned win No. 4 with a second-round TKO victory.

Harbaugh was the more active fighter out the gate. Tanner defended well though, not taking a ton of damage.

Tanner let his hand go a little bit, Harbaugh dropped levels for a takedown attempt. Tanner defended and clinched.

Tanner changed levels and scored a takedown. Harbaugh tried to scramble out, but Tanner stays in top position.

Tanner attempted  an americana, but Harbaugh rolled out and got to his feet in an active first round. Tanner turned it on later in round one.

Tanner closed the distance in round two. Harbaugh got aggressive on the feet, but Tanner remained calm.

Tanner ended up in the top position again, moves to side control. Harbaugh gave up his back.

Tanner attacked from behind, gets both hooks in. Tanner turns up the ground and pound.

Tanner attacks from mount, but Harbaugh rolls and gives up his back. Tanner pours it on and gets the finish.

Tanner improves to 4-0, while Harbaugh falls to 2-3.


Joey Marino vs. Mater Lo

Joey Marino’s wrestling brought him to a unanimous decision win against Mater Lo.

After Marino knocked down <O with a leg kick, Lo earned. takedown and took the back of Marino. Following an active start, Marino took Lo and dominated from the top position in round one. A possible 10-8 for Marino

Lo looked for some respect as he landed a superman punch that knocked out the mouthpiece of Marino. Marino worked for the clinch and scored the takedown.

Marino unable to do much from top, while Lo was active from his back. Lo looked much better in the second round.

Another takedown from Marino put him in the driver seat in round three.  Lo attempted a darce choke, but instead poured on elbows late. Marino shot for a late takedown, but Lo took the back of Marino. Lo turned it on late.

Marino improved to 4-1, while Lo fell to 3-3


Nah-Shon Burrell vs. Moses Murrietta

Nah-Shon Burrell picked Moses Murrietta apart until his left hand put his opponent down for good in round one.

Burrell controlled the center for most of the round. The beginning of the end was a left hook that put Murrietta to the floor.

Burrell finished with ground and pound.

Burrell moves to 17-11, while Murrietta falls to 8-5.


Zulkarnaiyn Kamchykbekov vs. Richard Brooks

Kamchybekov put the second round in his hands, literally.

Kamchybekov landed a right hand that sent Brooks tumbling backwards for the second-round knockout victory.

Kamchybekov comes out aggressive, but lands a knee to the groin. Brooks takes a quick break.

Kamchybekov and Brooks go back and forth with submission attempts. The first round was a little bit of everything, striking, scrambling and submission attempts.

Brooks controlled more of the round.

Kamchybekov was much more active in his striking in round two. Kamchybekov lands a right hand that sends Brooks falling backwards.

Kamchybekov moves to 4-1, while Brooks drops to 5-2.


Collin Huckbody vs. Aaron Phillips

Huckbody wasted little time to get his leg kicks. Phillips inner thigh of his lead leg showed a lot of swelling. Huckbody got his hands going, but earned a takedown wot get the better of round one.

The second round was a tighter affair with Phillips gaining confidence. Huckbody showcased his improved striking eventually rocking Phillips with a head kick. Phillips goes downa nd Huckbody gets the finish with ground and pound against the cage.

Huckbody becomes the CFFC middleweight champion t9-2, while Phillips falls to 5-2.

CFFC 90 main card results: [UFC Fight Pass 8 p.m. ET]

Main event [Vacant CFFC middleweight championship]: Collin Huckbody def. Aaron Phillips via TKO at 4:47 in round 2.

*Huckbody becomes the new CFFC middleweight champion.

Official decision: Zulkarnaiyn Kamchybekov def. Richard Brooks via 1:27 knockout at in round 2.

Official decision: Nah-Shon Burrell def.  Moses Murrietta via knockout at 3:00 in round 1.

Official decision: Joey Marino def. Mater Lo via unanimous decision [29-28, 28-29, 30-27].

Official decision: Kasey Tanner def. Calvin Harbaugh via TKO at 3:22 in round 2.

Official decision: Turpal Khamzayev def. Chaka Worthy via split decision [29-28, 28-29, 29-28]

CFFC 90 preliminary card results: [Facebook 7:15 p.m. ET]

Official decision: Cedric Gunnison def. Nick Olson via submission [guillotine choke] at 1:!0 in round 2.

Official decision: Tim Cuamba def. Josh Francis via TKO at 3:58 in round 1.


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