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CFFC 93: Jasmine Jasudavicius Looking to Punch Her Ticket

Interview with Jasmine Jasudavicius above

Canada’s Jasmine Jasudavicius returns to action at CFFC 93. She takes on Ashley Deen in a flyweight bout and looks to bounce back from a razor thin split decision loss in her last bout. Jasudavicius is one of the best top talents out of Niagra Top Team and she’s hoping with a win, she can punch her way into the UFC.

Jasudavicius was a tag along before she started her MMA career. She followed her boyfriend to train and it caught her eye. She started training but wasn’t really hooked until right after her first career win, a guillotine in round three as an amateur.

“What happened was, a long time ago, I was going with my boyfriend. He was going out to train and I went with them. I saw them training and thought, ‘Ah, this looks pretty cool. Maybe I can try it.’ Initially they let me screw around with them. They told me I wasn’t too bad thought I should give it a go. I went back home and started training. Then it wasn’t until my very first fight and really caught the bug. I was like, ‘Oh, this is actually what fighting is.’ That’s when I got hooked.”

Outside of fighting, Jasmine Jasudavicius is a foodie. She enjoys cooking and when she’s cutting weight, she likes to get creative in how she cooks! “I cook a lot. I like to try new things. Espically when I diet down, I’ll try new vegetables and spice things up in the kitchen.”

Jasmine Jasudavicius at CFFC 93

Coming off of a loss can make or break a fighter. Jasudavicius says every time she fights, she feels the most motivated she’s been. But fighting after a loss has put a different kind of motivation in her to bounce back and get a good performance.

“I feel like I’ve always been more motivated than ever and always felt like it was as motivated as I can be. I can definitely see why a loss catapults people to the next level. It does really light a fire under your ass.”

Motivated or not, it’s imperative to learn from your shortcomings, not only in fighting but life. In her last fight, Jasmine Jasudavicius says she feels like she found an aspect she was not utilizing properly and looks to go and prove she’s not just that type of fighter.

“I learned that I was really trying to force things. I was really trying to impose my will and be smash, smash, smash. All crash and no flow.”

Jasudavicius is also 3-0 as a professional boxer. It was an opportunity to fight and she says she was game to take a chance at the sweet science.

“That was just kind of getting experience. The opportunities came up and I enjoy boxing so I was like, ‘Yeah that would be awesome.'”

The pandemic has been a unique challenge for a lot of fighters. But Jasmine Jasudavicius says she’s not seen those challenges and neither has her teammates. “I honestly can’t believe how many opportunities that me and the other guys are getting. It’s awesome. I’ve been lucky enough to fight [in the pandemic]. This will be my third fight. I can’t wait to get back in there.”

Fighting with and without fans has been the topic since the COVID-19 pandemic started. Jasudavicius’ face lit up when she was talking about fighting for fans again. “There’s fans at this one. I love fighting with fans. I didn’t know that I didn’t like fighting with fans until I did without it. It totally makes a difference.” She continues, “There’s a completely different feel. It feels like more of a competition as opposed to a fight. It doesn’t hit right.”

Canada and MMA run deep. From Rory MacDonald and Gillian Robertson to Georges St-Pierre, the country has a deep love of mixed martial arts. Jasudavicius had the chance to train at TriStar and says watching someone like GSP train was a treat. She says having such great role models from her country is a motivating factor to be there one day.

“Of course I look up to them. I would like to be in the mix with them one day. Like, Georges St-Pierre, I was at TriStar. I didn’t really train with him but we got some experience being around him.”

But, Jasmine Jasudavicius knows she needs to take it one step at a time. And that next step is March 12th on UFC Fight Pass on CFFC 93. She feels with a win, and a good one at that, she will get the chance to move to the next level. “I am hoping that I get a good win, a good performance, and I’m hoping after this fight that I get the call to the UFC.”

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