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CFS 4 Flyweight Ramon Neyra to Ben Coyle: “Bring it!”

Ramon Neyra started his mixed martial arts venture with the single goal in mind of replacing the Red Ranger from the hit television series “The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.” To Neyra, the idea of the martial artist meets television personality/super hero was a no brainer. Ultimately, Neyra took the more practical “adult route” and decided he’d utilize his college degree in accounting, while fulfilling his pugilistic fantasies by fighting before a crowd in a locked cage…Even trade off.

Once Neyra found his niche of balancing his Muay Thai between his passion for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (currently a purple belt), Neyra’s sails caught wind, and he took off to amass a perfect record, thus far, standing at 4-0 (3 finishes).

In just a few days time, Neyra will be stepping into the Cowboy Fight Series cage for the first time as he takes on 302 BJJ’s heavy handed, Ben Coyle whom is fresh off of a 2nd round TKO victory at CFS 3. In a bout that says “grappler vs striker” on paper, Neyra convincingly says, ”I anticipate playing my game! Not playing his game.” Continuing with, “If its going to be a stand up fight, I have no problem with that!”

Getting into the bout with Coyle, Neyra was an open book, confidently stating, “We’ll see how the pace goes! Right? If I shoot on him and he gives me a strong hip and I feel like I cant take him down…We’ll play on our hands, we’ll play with our feet. We’ll kick and we’ll punch, we’ll strike. I have no problem, if he wants to make this into a striking fight, Im looking forward to it.”

Discussing the conclusion of the bout, Neyra had a plethora of ideas in mind for Coyle:

“I’m gonna look for one of my combinations to hit I’m working off angles, If i get some solid, you know, if I get to teep him or if I get the distance, If I get the TKO, I’m going go straight for the TKO but if he gives me a leg or something that he’s not paying attention to and he allows me to take it down to the ground. Some ground and pound for submissions. Like you mentioned earlier, a lot of my fights end by submission if thats the route that he’s gonna give me…It really depends just all depends on what he gives me. If he’s good and solid on his takedown defense, I’m gonna keep it up and I’m gonna go for a TKO. I’m just going to smother him!”

Tune in below as Ramon Neyra and I utilize the technology of skype for this exclusive one-on-one interview ahead of Cowboy Fight Series 4 which goes down December 21st in Sterling, Virginia.

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