Max Holloway handles loss like a class act

Max Holloway handles UFC 245 title loss like a class act

Max Holloway’s run at featherweight is over after losing his championship to Alexander Volkanoski last night at UFC 245 by way of unanimous decision. The lost ends the Blessed era and snaps Holloway’s 14 fight win streak within the division.

While many people would be dwelling in the agony of defeat, Max Holloway handled the loss like a class act.

“I don’t want to sound like a sore loser. I didn’t watch no tape. I don’t know what happened,” Holloway said at his post fight press conference. “I felt like we were doing enough, but there’s three guys’ opinions that matter the most and they didn’t see it my way so at the end of the day it is what it is.”

Holloway sat at the podium with his son and was showing him how to handle a loss.

“The last fight you saw on thrill and agony that he was crying at ringside. This fight dry as a whistle…A loss is only a loss if you don’t learn and I hoped he learned and look he did. He’s up here right now dancing. It’s cool.”

A rematch between the two appears to be the next move within the division. When UFC president Dana White took the podium and when asked if a rematch was next he confirmed it by saying 100 percent.

As for Holloway he’s open to the rematch as long as his team and the fans are behind it.

“I’m gonna sit down with my team. Watch the tape. Sit down with Dana,” Holloway said. “If they hit me up, it is what it is, the fans make it happen, it is what it is. I’m a fighter, I fight. But it’s a team decision with me. It’s not a me thing. I’m not all about myself. My team got me here. I’m going to sit down with my team, talk to Dana, and we’ll go from there.”

Volkanovski, of Australia, is now the fourth undisputed featherweight champion in UFC history. The judges scored his championship victory 48-47, 48-47 and 50-45 in his favor.

Should Max Holloway receive an immediate rematch?

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