Chris Daukaus balances two professions ahead of UFC on ESPN+ 37 on Oct. 10

Chris Daukaus can’t help but wonder.

At 31-years-old, Daukaus is less than two weeks away from his second UFC appearance, all while balancing being a Philadelphia police officer. At 9-3, Daukaus is coming off a first-round knockout win over Parker Porter in his promotional debut back in August.

He makes a quick turnaround against fellow heavyweight Rodrigo Nascimento at UFC on ESPN+ 37 on Oct. 10. Daukaus wants to eventually fight full time, but is proud of what he’s accomplished inside the last 10 years as a fighter and a policeman.

“If I can get to this level and put on these types of performances while working a full time job, I can’t wait to see what I can do when I’m 110 percent focused on training,” Daukaus said.

“I have to do a couple more months and then me and my wife are going to sit down and game plan about everything that is going to happen with my job, my career and everything.”

Chris Daukaus and his busy 2020

The year 2020 is one Daukaus will not forget for both good and bad reasons. Not only did he make his octagon debut, but his younger brother Kyle made his promotional debut in June. 

Both training out of Martinez BJJ in Philadelphia, the brothers both earned their jiu-jitsu blackbelts in August.

The Daukaus family has a lot to be proud of this year, but Daukaus has seen the good and the ugly. A Philadelphia police officer for over nine years, Daukaus has been on call during the anti-racism riots.

Daukaus recalls the riots looking like it was out of a movie. He also remembers elderly people crying inside their cars because their medications were looted from the local Walgreens. 

The only thing Daukaus could do was suggest trying a different store or to go to the nearest hospital. 

“Grown men and grown women in their cars crying to me like, ‘What am I going to do? I need this medication to be alive.’ I can’t give them an answer,” Daukaus said. “If you just have a normal conversation about any kind of issue, you’ll realize people aren’t that much different.”

In an interview with MyMMANews, Daukaus talked about joining the UFC with his brother Kyle, earning his jiu-jitsu blackbelt with his brother, being a Philadelphia police officer and grilling. You can see the full interview in the video above.

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