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Chris Weidman’s return from leg injury will be featured in a ESPN documentary

Chris Weidman is almost ready to return from his horrible leg injury.

Last year on April 24, 2021, Chris Weidman stepped into the UFC Octagon against Uriah Hall. Weidman was looking to rebound from a few losses in the previous few years but the universe had a different plan. In the very first round, Weidman threw a low leg kick which was checked by Hall, and Weidman’s leg was broken in two. The irony of the situation didn’t pass over fans and Weidman himself as he was on the other end of a similar leg injury against Anderson Silva earlier in his career. 

Weidman is 38 years old and the nature of the injury was so severe that many thought it could have been the end of her career. Weidman does not think so, in fact, he is currently planning his return. In a recent interview with The Schmo, Weidman detailed his return plans and how ESPN will be featuring him in an upcoming documentary.

“I plan on coming back, probably late fall, early winter it seems like,” Weidman said. “You know, it’s been tons and tons of ups and downs throughout the process, and I haven’t been able to really share with anybody because ESPN’s doing a documentary on me, a big E60 story. So they have the rights to my story. So, I really can’t show what I’ve been going through, which is tons of low points and some high points. I’m excited for them to show that story.”

Recently Weidman has been back in the gym training and giving fans a small glimpse on social media. He is for the most he has kept his recovery behind closed doors and that is because of the filming for ESPN.

“They’re gonna market it as one of the worst injuries of all time, and (I’ll) just be able to tell that story from beginning to end, and then come back and get a big W in front of the world; help inspire people and let people know, don’t give up on your dreams,” he explained. “Whatever setbacks you have, you can overcome them. Never back down, baby.”

Weidman is a former UFC champion and now that he is on the road to recovery, he may be aiming to regain his lost title. The first step however will be getting back in the cage.


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