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Chris Weidman reveals he needs another surgery on broken leg

Back at UFC 261 in April, former UFC middleweight champion Chris Weidman suffered a gruesome leg break when he snapped his leg against Uriah Hall. The break required emergency surgery and while there was fear of amputation in the beginning, his leg was able to be stabilized, and weeks after surgery, Weidman was in the gym doing very light work.

Unfortunately, there has been a setback in Weidman’s recovery as he revealed on Wednesday. During an interview with ‘MMA Today’ on Sirius XM, he revealed he will need another surgery on his broken leg as the leg is not healing the way it was expected to.

Speaking to Miesha Tate and Ryan McKinnell, Chris Weidman discussed how he’s feeling mentally through the recovery process and then revealed he recently found out another surgery would be needed.

“I just found out this is breaking news, I was going to release it on my podcast, my YouTube channel, but I’m actually getting another surgery. I’m getting another surgery most likely on August 11, they’re going to have to plate the fibia bone because I guess it’s considered a non-union, so the bones aren’t healing the way they’re supposed to which kinda sucks. But I did expect some setbacks and some issues with this type of tramatic injury.”

This surgery will be the 25th surgery of Weidman’s career and citing his positive attitude and mindset as well as his experiences from the past, he discussed how he’s staying positive through it all.

“At the end of the day I guess my mindset is I’m a positive person to begin with. Not that I don’t have moments of negativity and laziness, and lack of motivation but I’m usually a glass half-full type of person. If I ever feel bad for myself, it’s very easy to look at someone who has it worse and realize you have nothing to complain about and you can’t be feeling sorry for yourself.”

While this is certainly unfortunate news for Chris Weidman and his return, he’s still keeping a positive mindset through it all and is definitely putting in work to make a return when he is medically cleared. On the first episode of his new podcast ‘Won’t Back Down’ he interviewed Anderson Silva, as the two revisited their rivalry and had a heart-to-heart conversation about the history they shared when Silva broke his leg against Weidman.


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