Classic shaving is the most cost-efficient way to shave; here is how and why

Classic shaving is the most cost-efficient way to shave; here is how and why

Suppose you are an individual that buys a lot of things. In that case, you are bound to have come across many things that are cheap at face value but are actually expensive when examined deeply, likewise things that seem expensive but are actually cheap when compared to their alternatives.

You don’t have to belong to the league of those who are excessively prudent with finances before you pay close attention to the value of what you are exchanging your money with.

Fiscal responsibility is a virtue exalted by many.

The little changes you save by getting the best value for your money make a difference when accumulated in the long run, no matter how insignificant they may seem per purchase.

Consistent drops of water, they say, will eventually make a significant body of water.

The little things you wave off as insignificant are, most time, what takes a significant portion of your income, especially the things you do daily.

In terms of cost-saving, classic shaving trumps the other shaving methods without question.

A popular saying goes like “beware of what appears cheap but is actually expensive.” How do you spot goods that fall into this category? You don’t need an MBA or a degree in economics to identify them, often, the signs are in plain sight, and you just have to be discerning enough to recognize them.

How to identify goods that appear cheap but have hidden costs

Hidden costs, as used above does not necessarily mean they are lying about the actual price; it may mean many other things

  • The price sounds too good to be true. If it sounds too good to be true, it is probably too good to be true.
  • The product is lacking in quality
  • Are sold in units (no bulk purchase)
  • Have defective parts
  • Disposable or only for temporary use
  • Near expiry or expired, etc.

Enough of economics; let’s get into the crust of what really matters here.

How much does a straight razor or a safety razor really cost compared to the others?

A straight razor costs between 50 and 100 Dollars on average, safety razors, on the other hand, cost between 20 and 60 Dollars (excluding the super luxurious models). For the straight razor, this is a one-time purchase and could last a lifetime. However, the safety razor needs a change of blades which costs about 4 – 10 Dollars per pack of 100 during every use. The safety razor, too, can last a lifetime if well maintained.

On the other hand, the cartridge razor appears cheap at first (costs between 10 and 20 Dollars on average). However, this cost increases exponentially as the need to buy a new set of cartridges for the razor is never-ending. The cost of changing the cartridge differs depending on the brand, the model and the number of blades. You are guaranteed to spend more money on your cartridge razor than you would spend on a classic razor in a year.

Disposable razors cost less than 1 Dollar per piece. It sounds and appears cheap, but if you calculate the amount spent on each one, after every use (you can’t even use them again), over a long period, you would have spent a lot of money without realizing it. If you are someone that shaves frequently, you would most likely use multiples in a week. In six months, you would most like to have spent double what a classic razor costs.

What about the electronic razors? Apart from the high cost of purchase (50 to 150 Dollars averagely), maintenance cost is also a factor, likewise the electricity it uses. You are guaranteed to buy multiple electronic razors in the lifetime of a classic razor. A good quality electronic razor lasts for less than ten years.

The cost of procuring the razors is not the only thing that determines the cost efficiency of the razors. One factor that cannot be neglected is durability and reliability. Although these qualities have been touched briefly, they also play a significant role in how much is spent.

The classic razors have been proven time and time again to last a lifetime, in some cases, several generations. This gives them the edge over the other razors in terms of durability and reliability.

Partying words

Shaving is part of everyday activities for many of us, and this means we spend a significant amount of money to ensure that it is done daily. For a task or hobby that is done daily, it is also quite important that wastage is reduced to a minimum while getting a consistently high-quality shave day-in-day-out. The only way to achieve this is through classic shaving, a culture that has been around for over a century.

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