Colby Covington, 50 Cent

Colby Covington eyes $1 million boxing match against 50 Cent, will tie one hand behind his back

Colby Covington has a problem with 50 Cent after his fight with Kamaru Usman.

50 Cent posted an image on Instagram where he told Covington to “enjoy the broken jaw, you racist piece of s**t’ and Covington took offense to it.

Yet, since the UFC 245 loss to Usman, Covington did not do any media until Monday. So, he finally made his beef with 50 Cent public and says he will put $1 million up and is also willing to tie his hand behind his back.

“I want to do a celebrity boxing match,” Covington said on Ariel Helwani’s MMA Show (via MMA Junkie). “I’m going to tie one hand behind my back and I’m going to fight 50 Cent. I’m going to put up $1 million of my dollars. I want to fight 50 Cent in a celebrity boxing match. I’ll donate all of my money to the troops because I love the troops so much. They protect our freedom. They put it all on the line for America. I want to fight 50 Cent.”

As for what hand, Colby Covington said he doesn’t care and will let 50 Cent pick.

“I’m going to tie my left hand behind my back – or my right one,” Covington said. “He can pick. It doesn’t really matter because both are lethal.”

Whether or not Colby Covington will get his boxing match against 50 Cent is to be seen. But, he also said he will be sitting out until he gets his rematch against Kamaru Usman as he knows he won that fight until a bad stoppage.

Regardless, Covington is hoping this boxing match can be done and promises he will beat up 50 Cent.

“Nah, does my jaw look broken. I’ve been smiling. The only person that has his jaw wired shut is ‘50 Cent.’ If you want to talk about people who had to get their jaw wired shut let’s talk about him,” he concluded. “He says he got shot nine times, if you got shot one time by me you wouldn’t get back up. ‘50 Cent’ is a little bi**h.”

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