Common hazards of children's clothing

Common hazards of children’s clothing

Perhaps there are a lot of parents do not know that children’s clothes are also hiding some factors that threaten the health of children. Compared with other baby products, parents often pay less attention to the clothes their children are wearing than other categories. However, most of the substandard children’s clothing in circulation in the market, they will also cause a certain safety risk to the health of children. Next, I sorted out some of the dangers that failing children’s clothes may bring to children.

1. Wearing alkaline clothes is prone to dermatitis

PH value, is clothing, textile safety performance index, it is to measure the degree of acid and alkali of clothing fabric “hard bar”. The pH value of normal human body is between 4.0 and 7.5, which is slightly neutral with weak acid. According to the regulations, the pH of clothing should be close to the human pH index. However, the circulation on the market is individual PH value alkaline children’s clothing, PH value is seriously exceed the standard phenomenon.

So what are the dangers of alkaline clothing to children’s health? Doctors warn: the human skin is weak acid, if a long time exposure to high alkaline clothes, will lead to allergic dermatitis and other diseases.

The reason that causes the clothing to be alkaline is that the fabric is not washed clean in the last procedure of the printing and dyeing process, and the alkaline substance remains in the fabric. Safe approach is: after buying clothes for children, it is best to use clean water “drop wash” again, as far as possible will be hidden in the clothes of alkaline substances to clean off.

2, poor color fastness, clothes fade

The standard of clothing color is determined by the fastness of color. Some children’s clothing fabric manufacturers, in the case of poor dye fastness, rinsing is not sufficient, on the substandard fabric production of garments, resulting in children’s clothes easy to fade phenomenon. Some clothing with poor color fastness will fade when it encounters water, sweat stains or saliva, which not only affects the beauty, but also the heavy metal ions and dye molecules contained in these unqualified fabrics will contact the skin after falling off, which is easy to be absorbed by the skin and harmful to health.

3. Insufficient cotton content, easy to damage the skin

Children’s clothes are mainly made of pure cotton fabric. Pure cotton generally refers to the fabric with more than 95% of the composition of cotton. Few manufacturers really achieve 100% pure cotton (because pure cotton fabric is easy to wrinkle and deformation and other shortcomings). However, in order to save costs, some manufacturers often reduce the cotton content of the clothes, resulting in the actual cotton content of the garments is lower than the labeled content. Clothing with higher cotton content feels soft, and there is no astringent sound when it is clenched hard, and there is no irritation when it is stuck on the skin. And the cotton content of insufficient clothing, the feel is rough, feel “hand” feeling, visible, this is not good for children’s tender skin.

Children’s clothing must be carefully selected for children to buy, buy the wrong will affect the health of the child. Parents need to strengthen the attention to the safety of children’s clothing, learn some relevant selection knowledge in order to avoid the phenomenon of buying inferior products. (Wholesale Kid Clothes

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