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Conor McGregor says he’s ‘never really been beaten’ in his career

Conor McGregor claims he has never really been beaten in his career.

McGregor is coming off a TKO win over Donald Cerrone in the main event of UFC 246 but before that lost to Khabib Nurmagomedov by submission. He also was submitted by Nate Diaz in his other loss in the UFC but has two other losses in his career which he doesn’t count because he was never beaten.

“Come on, I lost bleeding twice,” Conor McGregor said to ESPN (via “I lost in a boxing match and then I tapped in an MMA fight. I’ve never really been beaten, let’s be real. You’ve never seen me beat, do you know what I mean? You beat a man by concussing him with blows to the nut, putting him down.

“Two matches… that narrative of ‘so long since a win…’ he added. “I’ve been outside the game and sporadic with my commitment to it, but it’s good to be back, most certainly though.”

He also looked back on the win over Donald Cerrone which he said was a great finish and something he has taken pride in.

“I just wanted to go through him with the first shot,” McGregor said. “He dipped under — he didn’t shoot, he just dipped under — fair play to him. I’m happy with the fight. It could have gone many ways. He was planning to head-kick me. He wanted to knock me out with a head-kick, so I’m happy to catch him. I knew he had flaws with that in his own game. What a record he has, to have the most head-kick knockouts. It’s a phenomenal record, so to catch him with the head-kick, Im very, very pleased.”

Who McGregor will fight next is to be seen but according to him he is entering the next fight undefeated as he’s never been beaten.

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