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Will Levis Dak Prescott

Could Will Levis Be the New Dak Prescott?

Whenever a new football star rises to popularity, comparisons are inevitably made between them and a former or current star for similarities to their origins, similarities in their play styles, or because of other factors. You’ve probably already heard of Will Levis, one of the most popular college football players on the field today and the current captain of the Kentucky Wildcats.

Will Levis is oftentimes compared to Dak Prescott, largely because of his career trajectory and playing style. But are these similarities really apt, and is Levis likely to be the “new” Prescott?

Let’s explore more about Will Levis, Kentucky Wildcats captain and quarterback, and how his play and career are somewhat similar to that of Dak Prescott.

Dak Prescott’s Legacy in College Football and the NFL

Dak Prescott was a majorly popular American football quarterback. While he began his career playing at Mississippi State, he was selected by the Dallas Cowboys in the 2016 NFL draft’s fourth round. He wasn’t their first choice, but he quickly proved that he had what it took to succeed.

Indeed, Prescott was first intended to serve as the backup to another major player on the Cowboys. But he became the starting quarterback after Tony Romo – then the starter quarterback for the Cowboys – was injured during preseason practice. Prescott took this opportunity and ran with it (literally).

In the 2016 NFL season, Prescott earned a huge amount of recognition thanks to his success on the football field. This helped the Dallas Cowboys secure the top seed for their local conference. On top of that, Prescott was named the NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year for the 2016 season and he set several different rookie quarterback records.

Bottom line: Prescott made waves as soon as he entered the NFL!

Will Levis’ Recent Success

For those following Will Levis’ story, the similarities are immediately obvious. Though he began as a “redshirt” for the Penn State College football team, he rose to become the backup to Sean Clifford, then the quarterback of the team.

He started his football career against Rutgers in the 2019 college football season, quickly making a name for himself thanks to his high pass completion rate and touchdown and interception ability. While Penn State gave Will Levis his start, he didn’t stay there for long.

In fact, Levis transferred to the University of Kentucky’s Wildcats in 2021 after he earned a bachelor’s degree in finance from Penn State. He was elected captain of the team before he arrived and showed that the team’s faith in him was well-placed. He led them to success with a 10-win season: the second the Wildcats had experienced since 2018. He’s still the team captain at the time of this writing.

Comparisons to Dak Prescott – Are They Apt?

Thanks to Will Levis’ somewhat rapid rise to college football fame, many have speculated that an NFL deal or offer is due in the near future. This is also drawn some comparisons to the performance and career of Dak Prescott.

Indeed, there are some similarities. Both are major players for their respective teams, and both play as QBs. Perhaps more basically, Prescott and Levis have similar builds. They are both tall, bulky, and highly competitive in their play styles. Levis in particular is known to run with just as much ferocity and tenacity as a ball carrier: a physical attribute often associated with Prescott and his excellent physicality and athleticism.

Analysts have also drawn comparisons into how Dak evolved his game and play over time. For example, during Prescott’s final season at Mississippi State University, he made significant improvements that allowed him to get drafted into the NFL. Many Levis fans are undoubtedly hoping he’ll follow the same trajectory and secure an NFL spot in the next season.

Is Will Levis the Same as Dak Prescott?

No… but we might see his career follow a similar shape! It’s undeniable that Will Levis has major potential, and he is in the prime of his life. In other words, he has several years to make a name for himself in college football and in the NFL circuit. If he applies himself and works hard, he very well could be one of the most popular quarterbacks of the next generation of professionals.

That said, it’s important not to get too carried away when comparing two players against each other. Each NFL player is unique; to say that Will Levis is the “new” Dak Prescott isn’t just wrong. It’s also a bit insulting! We’re sure Prescott would say there’s no player just like him.

With a bit of luck, Will Levis will also make a big name for himself in the NFL. Whether he’ll play for the Dallas Cowboys like Prescott or play for another team, only time will tell!

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