Daichi Abe

Photo via Daichi Abe's Tapology

Daichi Abe “Hopefully they can build the division around me”

Daichi Abe has a 2-1 record specifically under the Rizin banner and presently has consecutive victories in the Rizin FF ring. The former King of Pancrase and DEEP champion looks to win three straight fights in 2022 and his next bout is already lined up with the aim of achieving that at Rizin 39.

Daichi Abe last finished Marcos Yoshio de Souza via second-round TKO at Rizin 37 on July 31st. Abe appeared on Bowks Talking Bouts recently, speaking with the aid of an interpreter, and several subjects were covered. Excerpts from our chat are below.

Daichi Abe

The feeling after back-to-back Rizin wins and a desired next step in his MMA career

“Yeah, so I really have that momentum right now. I have a good run going. I would preferably want to fight an international opponent.”

If travel restrictions to Japan are easing up and if fighting global welterweights is more possible

“Right now I don’t really have any preference to fight a Japanese opponent. Like there’s just nobody I feel is worth fighting at welterweight. So I really want to face international competition. I think that way bringing in more international competition at the welterweight can put the spotlight on my division in Rizin. Welterweight is still a very slow division in Rizin. So hopefully they can build the division around me. I know that some international fighters have already been calling me out. I can fight that guy.”

Daichi Abe continued, “Damien Brown who previously fought in Rizin at lightweight. He mentioned that he would fight me at welterweight. I think he’s a legitimate and tough fighter. But for me, I don’t choose opponents. If it’s put in front of me, I’ll take the fight.”

If becoming Rizin’s inaugural welterweight champion is an expressly mapped out goal

“I think the welterweight division has the most appeal in terms of all the divisions. We’re big and we’re still fast. We’re strong and we can finish fights. I think we have all the assets that it needs to put on entertaining fights. If I can continue to defeat international competition, if I can continue to win, and show the world. Show everybody that there’s a tough Japanese fighter at welterweight, I think that will lead to Rizin establishing the division. Eventually making a belt, a title.”

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