Daiqwon Buckley

Daiqwon Buckley looks to earn a PFL contract on PFL Challenger Series 6

Daiqwon Buckley may only have one professional fight under his belt, but on March 25, he’ll be fighting for chance to secure a contract in a major promotion.

Buckley will be fighting Jon Cunningham in the sixth episode of the PFL Challenger Series, which is a new format for the PFL promotion.

Each episode of the series will feature a number of fights and celebrity judges such as Mike Tyson, Todd Gurley and Wiz Khalifa. The judges will review the winners performances and one winner will be selected to a PFL contract.

For Buckley, he knows just how big the opportunity is as being selected to the PFL opens a lot of doors for him professionally and financially. While some would being feeling pressure in this situation, the Dunmore, PA native is staying calm and viewing this opportunity as just another fight.

Buckley also has a lot of help preparing for PFL Challenger Series as its not his gyms first rodeo of getting a fighter ready for a big fight.

After reaching out to Sanford MMA in Florida over social media, Buckley was accepted into the gym and moved to from Pennsylvania to Florida to train at one of the best gyms in the world and Buckley has nothing but praise for the gym as they have him the sharpest he’s ever been physically and mentally ahead of a fight.

Prior to his fight at PFL Challenger Series 6, Buckley spoke with MyMMANews about his upcoming fight, what making the PFL would mean to him and the support his gets from his hometown of Dunmore.

You can watch the full interview in the video above.

A full list of fights currently scheduled for PFL Challenger Series 6 is listed below:

Bevon Lewis (7-3) vs. Marcelo Nunes (7-1)
Giacomo Lemos (6-0) vs. Brett Martin (10-1)
Chad Johnson (6-2) vs. Adam Keresh (4-0)
Daiqwon Buckley (1-0) vs. Jon Cunningham (1-0)

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