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Dan Lambert hasn’t talked to Colby Covington in “quite a while”

Interview with Dan Lambert above

American Top Team owner Dan Lambert talks about his stint on pro-wrestling’s AEW event. Dan also spoke about bringing over fighters like Andrei Arlovski and Jorge Masvidal to AEW, how Kayla Harrison turned into a pro-wrestling fan and the latest on his relationship with Colby Covington, who he used to manage.

“I haven’t talked to Colby for quite a while. When you’re in the gym every day and you see the people in the gym every day, that’s who you communicate with. And when they’re gone and on another team or talking smack on your gym, it’s kind of, out of sight and out of mind. That’s a hell of a fight (Usman vs. Covington 2), Colby gave Usman by far his greatest test. I’ll be watching that one, that will be a good one.”

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