Dana White to speak at Republican National Convention in support of Donald Trump

Dana White On Donald Trump Analyzing UFC 249

U.S. President Donald Trump analyzing UFC 249 is something that, apparently, can lead to America returning to normalcy. UFC President Dana White also addresses the UFC’s regulatory adjustments to the coronavirus. White revealed this information during a recent interview via TMZ Sports.

“Going into it, obviously there’s going to be no fans here. We’ve cut the staff way down. The people that cover the event. That work behind the scenes. We are doing multiple testing, two different types of testing. We’re actually gonna do three fights this week. We’re going this Saturday, we’re going to go Wednesday, and then we’re going to go Saturday again. So we’re going to do three this week. Health and safety is something that we worry about every single weekend. Not just since this coronavirus popped up.”

Donald Trump Analyzing UFC 249

The UFC figurehead continued, “There’s going to be a lot of testing going on here. We have a really good staff and a group of people that work these events. We’ve got great doctors here that are all over these guys. Checking them, testing them, screening them. This thing’s going to be as safe as it possibly can. Nothing is ever a hundred percent guaranteed but this thing is going to be as safe as it can possibly be. And other sports can do this too. It’s just really expensive and you have to spend the money.”

With live sports being a barren landscape nowadays, the idea is that UFC 249 will have a pronounced focus among the public. An event that can potentially get the world watching. U.S President Donald Trump will, purportedly, be among the masses watching this card live.

White mentioned this but also said that Trump would be examining this event as a blueprint for reopening America. White quipped, “Absolutely, yeah. His whole philosophy was ‘let’s get sports back first. Figure out how to do that safely. Then let’s start figuring out, how do you get people back in the office? How do you get people in cubicles? And then how do you get kids back into school?’ This is something we’ve been working on. Yes, he’s absolutely watching what we’re doing this weekend.”

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