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LAS VEGAS, NV - JULY 9: Anthony Pettis stands in the Octagon prior to his bout against Jim Miller in their lightweight bout during the UFC 213 event at T-Mobile Arena on July 9, 2017 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Rey Del Rio/Getty Images)

Anthony Pettis on UFC 249 “The world is watching this fight and this is what I live for”

A high stakes rematch with Donald Cerrone awaits Anthony Pettis on UFC 249. Ahead of May 9th, Pettis is steadily improving by trying new things but also is getting reacquainted with what brought him to the dance. Showtime is at an interesting point in his career where he has a wealth of elite-level experience but is seemingly just putting everything together now. Anthony Pettis got into all of this in a recent interview with MMA on Sirius XM via The Luke Thomas Show.

Pettis quipped, “The hardest part of my career is the success I had so quick. I came in and I crushed it in the WEC. I crushed it in the UFC. World champion and then I go fight RDA, Eddie Alvarez, Edson Barboza. Three losses in a row from coming from unstoppable. So I had to make a big career adjustment after that fight. That’s what was a huge decision in going to ’45. I was like ‘yo, I need to try this new thing.’ So I felt like I’ve been in a position of trying new things and trying to figure it out. The only thing I didn’t change is how I train.”

Anthony Pettis on UFC 249

“I trained at 1:30, I trained at 7 PM, and I trained at 8, 9 AM for strength and conditioning. That was just the schedule, you know? I didn’ really ask questions. That’s just how I came in and that’s what we did. Whereas now, doing it this way I’m like ‘man, I get more out of my day by pulling back with how many guys are in my practice room and how many coaches are giving me advice.’ And I’m winning rounds and that’s what matters.”

The former WEC and UFC lightweight champion continued, “How do I win this round? How do I look the best I’ve ever looked before? Getting back to doing what I do. Fighting, looking sharp out there. Submissions off my back. I tapped into that game again and I’m excited to go out there and show off again. The world is watching this fight and this is what I live for. These moments right here.”

Anthony Pettis on UFC 249 is one of many welcome additions on this leviathan of an event. As UFC readies for an enormous comeback from their hiatus. This May 9th card is stacked with many pundits and fans alike saying it is one of the deepest cards in UFC history.

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