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Dana White responds to Jake Paul callout: “It absolutely makes sense”

There is no love lost between UFC President Dana White and famed YouTube sensation turned professional boxer, Jake Paul.

After dismantling former UFC welterweight Ben Askren, followed by a decision win over former champion Tyron Woodley, in respective boxing matches, Paul continued to verbally lash out at White.  Today while speaking to longtime sports journalist Jim Rome, White was asked about Paul’s recent comments about the two men possibly coming face to face one day.

Rome paraphrased Paul’s comments while speaking with White, stating, “I think it ends with me running into him in a club in Vegas and knocking him the bleep out.”

White then responded to Rome about Paul’s comments.

“Yeah.  My reaction was ‘it makes sense.’  I’m 52-years-old, right in the age demographic of guys he likes to fight.  Washed-up 52-year-olds.  It absolutely makes sense.”

White and Paul have gone back and forth in the media over the last couple of months as Paul continues his tirade to push for better pay for the athletes competing inside the UFC octagon.  The arguments have created a stir in the combat sports world as fighters are seeing former UFC athletes such as Askren and Woodley earn their biggest paychecks while making the crossover to compete against Paul in boxing.

What Jake Paul does next is still up in the air, but an offer from Triller Fight Club has been placed on the table.  After finishing former boxing champion Evander Holyfield in the first round, former UFC champion Vitor Belfort was offered to Paul with a payday of more than $30 million.  As of press time the fight has not yet been made official.

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