Dana White to Scott Holtzman: Check your bank account

Dana White to Scott Holtzman: Check your bank account

Dana White to Scott Holtzman:  Check your bank account

There always seems to be a lot of talk about much or how little mixed martial artists, those in the UFC in particular, are paid.Dana White to Scott Holtzman: Check your bank account

The one thing that is often left out is that the numbers released are not always reflective of what is actually disbursed as in the case of Scott Holtzman.

Holtzman was on the losing end of a unanimous decision in his UFC on FOX 22 fight against Josh Emmett this past Saturday.

Holtzman’s record dropped to 9-2 with the loss in Sacramento but he didn’t walk away completely unsatisfied.

According to teammate Lauren Murphy who appeared on the SFLC Podcast last night, UFC President Dana White personally called Holtzman and said “Check your bank account.”

“You know a cool story about Scott is that we all thought he should have got ‘Fight of the Night.’  I thought he definitely had the best back and forth battle, way more technical than a lot of fights on the card, and Dana White called him personally and told him that Dana thought he had ‘Fight of the Night’ also and he just told him to ‘check his bank account.’  So, I think that was really cool of Dana to give Scott a discretionary bonus like that, and I hope he got well taken care of,” Murphy said.

The performance put on by Holtzman and Emmett impressed White so much that he put a little something into the hands of the fighters for the upcoming holiday season.  Back room bonuses are not always a given, and not new to the sport, but when they are handed out, it should be noted.

On paper, Leslie Smith and Irene Aldana were officially awarded the performance of the night bonus for their fight.

Tune in to the 41 minute mark below to listen to Lauren tell the story.

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