Derrick Lewis Daniel Cormier is scared to fight Jon Jones right now

Daniel Cormier believes Jon Jones is not in the wrong in feud with Chael Sonnen

Daniel Cormier doesn’t think Jon Jones is in the wrong in his feud with Chael Sonnen.

After Jones was arrested for alleged domestic violence in Las Vegas, Sonnen took shots at ‘Bones’ and to no surprise, the former UFC light heavyweight champion was quick to respond. The two have been rivals since they fought back in 2013 but Cormier, a longtime rival of Jones, believes the two just need to stop talking about one another.

“Fellas, are we adults, or are we children?” Cormier said on his YouTube channel (h/t MMAFighting). “What happened to turning the other cheek? What happened to taking the high road? These two haven’t taken the high road in one instance in regards to each other. But here’s the thing… certain situations, you gotta kinda look the other way.

“In all the times that I had my issues in the rivalry with Jones, we tried not to be personal,” Cormier continued. “At times it got a bit personal and he said he’d go to my house and smack my wife on the ass, and I said nobody wants to smack his wife’s flat ass. We got a bit personal, right? But that’s as far as we went. But in terms of him and his troubles with the law and everything, I always tried to say, ‘Hey, man. Get better, do right.’ You don’t wish that type of bad on nobody.”

Although Daniel Cormier believes Jon Jones and Chael Sonnen need to stop talking about one another, the former champ-champ says Bones is in the right with what he says.

“Chael, my boy, is going to say whatever he feels like saying, and in that, you open yourself up for that rebuttal if by chance you find yourself in a situation,” Cormier said. “Unfortunately, Chael finds himself in a situation that I have no knowledge of to speak on. Now, the man that sat up there for years, Chael, has allowed himself to be judged by a man that has truly been just the butt of everyone’s jokes for so long. So I asked myself, ‘Guys, are we adults?’ Yes, we are. But in this instance, do I think that Jones would act like one? Absolutely not. Is he wrong for not acting like one? Absolutely not. I’m not surprised that Jones is taking shots at Chael right now because every time that Jones found himself in those issues, and that was a multitude of times, Chael was there to judge.”

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