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Darrell Horcher goes back to roots at CFFC 91

The Cage Fury Fighting Championship belt is still in the home of Darrell Horcher.

Over two years after suffering his third UFC loss, Horcher returns to the promotion which gave him the stage to advance to the octagon. His second stint with the CFFC starts against Vadim Ogar at CFFC 91 this Friday, Dec. 18. 

The former CFFC champion is looking for history to repeat itself as he plans to return to either the UFC or Bellator. His journey back begins inside the Lancaster County Convention Center in Pennsylvania.

“Is it worth it to go backwards? I’m getting older, I’m in my 30’s now. Ultimately, I enjoy the sport. I love it. It’s what I do, that’s what I’m known for. If I’m going to do it, I’m going to do it to the best I can,” Horcher said.

“I’m just trying to get a win so I can get my contract back. They [UFC] won’t sign me off a loss, so I got to get a win or two to go back.”

Darrell Horcher knows how to make a comeback

Horcher’s two year layoff is time well spent in his mind. The 33-year-old knows first hand what it is like to rush back into the sport. 

Horcher’s motorcycle collided with a 2006 Ford Escape in Pennsylvania back in May 2016, causing Horcher to launch close to 300 yards down the road. 

The accident caused severe damage to Horcher, including torn ACL’s in both knees, torn PCL’s in both knees, MCL injury in his left knee, LCL replacement in his right knee, among other injuries. 

“I was never really supposed to walk right again, it was bad,” Horcher said. 

Horcher set his sights on making his return to the octagon following the accident. He spent five years competing on the regional scene before earning a UFC contract. Adversity was nothing new. 

A year and one month after his accident, Horcher not only came back to the UFC, but earned a split decision victory over Devin Powell at UFC Fight Night 112 in June 2017.

Horcher then dropped back-to-back bouts against Scott Holtzman and Roosevelt Roberts. In hindsight, Horcher now realizes he should have taken more time off following his injuries.

“To fight again was my goal, to make everything right, to make my body right,” Horcher said. “As soon as I was cleared to fight, I rushed into camp even though I shouldn’t have, knowing if I go into camp for a fight, my body has to catch up and it will heal up fast. So I really rushed back.”

Darrell Horcher recalls horrific motorcycle accident, seeks UFC return fight against Devin Powell
Darrell Horcher suffered serious injuries from a motorcycle accident in May 2016.

The return

According to Horcher, he was never technically cut. His manager talked to the UFC and notified Horcher since he was coming off, his contract was out and the waiting period was over, the UFC was not going to resign him.

So the only way for Horcher to earn a contract with a major promotion is by entering the regional scene again.

Horcher is more experienced than Ogar, who is 6-3 as a professional. The Pennsylvania native has eight more fights than his Russian counterpart, which includes a contest against former UFC lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov. 

“I am really weighing on my experience. My fighter I.Q. is going  to be five times his,” Horcher said. “He is looking to make his career off of my name.”

Horcher’s return was originally slated this past November, but a positive COVID-19 test kept him from competing. A month later, Horcher is healthy and is still set to face the same opponent, Ogar.

He plans to make his second stint with the CFFC a short stay, but is happy to return to his old stomping grounds. A lot has changed since Horcher last fought under the CFFC banner. 

Horcher’s CFFC 90 bout is more than another fight, but a fresh start. It’s a chance to go back to who he was to get to where he was. 

“I’m going back to who I used to be,” Horcher said. “I’m ready for it.”

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