David Feldman - Photo by Phil Lambert/BKFC

David Feldman - Photo by Phil Lambert/BKFC

David Feldman on VanZant re-booking, BKFC London, and More

BKFC figurehead David Feldman once again appeared on Bowks Talking Bouts, this time ahead of BKFC 27 on August 20th.

On the show, Feldman discussed details behind Paige VanZant’s bout no longer being on BKFC London, the buzz around Mike Perry versus MVP, and a whole lot more. Excerpts from our chat are below.

David Feldman

If any insights can be given on Paige VanZant having her bout moved from the BKFC London card

“Yeah, not really. I mean just some circumstances happened and we decided it was best to take that fight and move it to our debut in Denver. It’s just going to work out better for us. With some of the things that went down which I don’t really feel like talking about to be honest with you, it was a good move for the company.”

If title contendership stakes are attached to this MVP vs Mike Perry fight

“No, absolutely. Look I mean you’re talking about Mike Perry who’s fighting MVP. One of the best strikers in all of combat sports right now. With that being said if he beats Michael Page and beats him convincingly, he has to be in line for a title shot or right there, absolutely. So yes, the answer is yes absolutely a hundred percent. With a decisive victory here, he’s probably next in line.”

When BKFC is planning to do a show in Canada as part of their international expansion

“We’re working on that right now. We just had a great call with one of the commissions… We’re coming up there in September to go in front of one of the commissions. As soon as we possibly can, we’d love it. Actually probably not by the end but right by the first quarter of 2023, you’re going to see BKFC in Canada. Then I think we’re gonna really blow it up out there.”

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