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VIDEO: Shamrock FC 324’s Derik Scott on ‘talking trash’ with The Rock, being a positive presence

Derik Scott has one of the more positive, refreshing approaches to life and combat sports. While aims to inspire and promote “finding the superhero in your story,” he is an unbeaten MMA fighter looking to add to his streak this Friday.

“The Law” will take on former organizational amateur champion Aushton Midkiff at Shamrock FC 324. The event takes place at River City Casino in St. Louis, Miss. and will air on FITE TV.

The 32-year-old Scott discusses being the runner up on the first season of NBC’s The Titan Games, not going “Hollywood” following his incredible run on the show, balancing training and being a lawyer, being a positive influence in a sport like mixed martial arts, beginning his MMA career at Fortis MMA, being able to still use the tools coach Sayif Saud integrated in him, the matchup with Aushton Midkiff, training with his brothers and much more.

Scott also talks about being around Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson during the filming of the first season of The Titan Games and how the former WWE champion, as well as the biggest star in Hollywood today, continues to motivate him.

“The Rock’s the man,” Scott told “He is the king of smack talk and when you get the king of smack talk to talk smack to you, and you love smack talk, that was it! I loved every second of it. I was blessed that I went first [on The Titan Games] every night. Every night I went first and when you go first, there’s little kinks they have to work out. Oftentimes, when we were on set, they were working out those kinks and he and I were just standing there — just two dudes who love to smack talk each other. I’m sure you can put together what came from that. It was a blessing.

“He’s the brahma bull. The people’s champ. But here’s the thing: at the end of the day, that guy’s is as genuine and as authentic as they come. When he talks about blood, sweat, respect, [that there is] no such thing as talent, that there’s only hard work, that couldn’t align with who I am as a person more. Being around that, being around the biggest Hollywood star in the world, and having someone so genuine, that authentic have that kind of success, it pushes you. It motivates you. Along with all of those other inspirational things we can talk about, it kind of gives you this feeling that anything is possible. Our thing is to be your own superhero. His is the blood, sweat and respect, that line that he has it comports so well with who I am and it just kind of pushes everything together. It was very synergistic.”

Check out the full interview with Derik “The Law” Scott as he prepares to return to action this Friday against Aushton Midkiff at Shamrock FC 324 in the video above.

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