Jamie Driver, USKA Fights

Who are you? Q&A Series with Jamie Driver

Jamie “OJ” Driver 

Jamie Driver is a professional MMA fighter who has competed in Sambo at the World Cup in Moscow, earning herself a bronze medal. She also has Professional Muay Thai experience and is a lifelong athlete. Driver is quoted on her Instagram by saying “moderation is for cowards” and we definitely see that in her performances. Spunky, high energy, great grappling, and heavy hands.

Get to know Jamie Driver through this “Who are you” series and let us know what follow up questions you may have for her.

Watch Jamie compete this Friday as she fights for Valor Fighting Challenge on November 1 in Knoxville, Tennessee. The VFC 66 show can be stream online streaming live on Flocombat.com


Name: Jamie Driver

Fighting style: Whatever works.

Favorite strike or submission: Shoulder lock from scarf hold.

Favorite color: Of course, Red.

Favorite food: I couldn’t live without chicken wings and Reese’s peanut butter cups.


Jamie Driver, Driven Gym


How did you fall in love with martial arts? 

The first day I walked into an MMA gym I fell in love. I was 19 and the dude I was seeing at the time brought me to his gym to let out some aggression. It’s been my outlet and love ever since. 

Walk us through a normal day in your shoes:

My days are all pretty much the same. Wake up, eat, train, shower, chill, eat, train again, eat and then sleep. Pretty boring but it’s the way I like it. 


What inspires you to fight?

The constant learning and the challenges of the sport are what inspire me most. I love knowing that with each fight, I’m going to learn more and get better each time. 


Who did you want to be when you grew up?

I wanted to be just like my dad and be a race car driver. But after many speeding tickets and flipping my SUV that was off the table (laughs).


What’s your favorite memory so far in martial arts? 

Right now my favorite memory is going over to Russia and winning the bronze medal in Sambo. 


Did you play any sports in high school?

I played both varsity field hockey and lacrosse. 


If you could eat dinner with anyone alive or dead who would it be? 

Definitely my dog. unfortunately, I had to put her down last year, so I’d give anything to share another meal with her. 


What is your favorite hobby outside of MMA? 

One word…Eating. 


Do you have any shout outs? 

So many people to shout out, King Mo, and all the coaches and training partners at ATT, strength and conditioning coach Phil Daru, my manager Dave Arvelo, my coach from Driven, James Meals and my teammates back home, Bulldog Strength and Conditioning. 

My sponsors: Kiss My First, TerpHouse, Maha, Thrive Spine and Sports, Inked T-shirt Printing, and Kendall Sports Medicine. 

Also a huge shoutout to my family and friends for continuing to be the best support system. 


How can people follow you on social media, and what platform are you using the most?

I definitely use Instagram the most, the name is oj_driver and I have two Facebook pages Jamie Driver MMA and then my personal one but I can be added on both.


Jamie Driver, USKA Fights


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