Dillon Danis: I'm gonna strangle Jake Shields in record time

Dillon Danis: I’m gonna strangle Jake Shields in record time

Dillon Danis sends a message to Jake Shields

One of the top practitioners in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu today, Dillon Danis, has set the stage for his May 15 Submission Underground matchup against Jake Shields.

Danis who was recently signed to the Bellator MMA label ahead of his professional mixed martial arts debut admits that Shields will likely be one of his toughest opponents to date but that didn’t stop him from throwing a few jabs in a promo video for the upcoming pay-per-view event.

“This Jake fight is a big goal for me.  I think this is one of my biggest Jiu-Jitsu fights to date.  People say he is one of the best Jiu-Jitsu guys to ever fight in MMA.  I go out there and beat him, I’ll show him what the real American Jiu-Jitsu is.  I don’t feel Jake is on my level at all.  I don’t anyone is honestly,” Danis said.


“I think Jake is gonna come out with something to prove.  I think I got under his skin a little bit.  I think he wants to come and show that he is still the man but at the end of the day, he isn’t,” Danis continued.

“Be sure to check my out on May 14 on FloGrappling, I’m gonna strangle Jake Shield in record time.”

SUG 4 will take place May 14 in Portland, Oregon. The event can be watched live a FloGrappling.com.