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Donegi Abena “Prosecutor and the Judge” vs Sergej Maslobojev at Glory 83

Sergej Maslobojev and Donegi Abena clash for light heavyweight gold at Glory 83 on February 11th.

Abena appeared on Bowks Talking Bouts and discussed the machinations of this rematch, the recollections of their first fight, plus so much more. Excerpts from our chat are below.

Donegi Abena

Abena’s thoughts on the first Maslobojev bout and the biggest differences heading into this rematch

“The biggest thing with me is that I’ve really evolved, you know. Back at that time, I was 22 I guess. I’m 24 right now and I changed my whole team around me…. So my whole team changed, I became older, more mature. Not only physically but also mentally. I have now more of a relentless mindset. Back in the days, I already had a relentless mindset. It was always everything or nothing. I’ve always been like that. But as you get older and more experienced, you know how to handle situations better than before.”

“Even with this guy, to be honest what he does is cute and sweet. But what I’m going to bring to him is way different than the first fight. He already said in the first fight that he couldn’t figure me out and this time is going to be way different. Going to be way, way different. I think that he’s a little bit overlooking me. That’s what I think. But that’s a stupid move from him.”

Abena continued, “Because for everything he has said, because normally this guy doesn’t talk, but for everything that he has said, he has to come to court. I will be the prosecutor and the judge. So I wish him luck. I really, really wish him luck. Because I’ve always been on my personal development. So let me see how he’s developed. Because I know that I have developed more than he has.”

Glory 83

Why Abena perceives that Maslobojev is overlooking him in this Glory Kickboxing title affair

“He’s running his mouth a little bit on social media. Because I said like I don’t seek revenge, I seek the truth, and he had something to say about that. Like for the guy who is seeking the truth and then he posted a video of him raising his hands. Ok, you know, for me that’s a sign that he’s making it personal. That he is overlooking me because he’s a champ now. Back in the days, he never spoke, you know. He never opened his mouth, he was always quiet. Now he has the belt and now he wants to start talking? Ok, let’s see about that. Let’s see about it.”

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