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Sergej Maslobojev Expects “Brutal Show” vs Donegi Abena at Glory 83

Sergej Maslobojev and Donegi Abena clash for light heavyweight gold at Glory 83 on February 11th.

Maslobojev appeared on Bowks Talking Bouts and discussed the machinations of this title defense, the differences in this rematch relative to their first fight, and more. Excerpts from our chat are below.

Sergej Maslobojev

The machinations of this rematch with Abena and memories of the first fight the two had

“It was first time I fought after one and a half year like pause. I fought in the (Glory) Collision 3, first time in that kind of arena in that kind of tournament. So I really was like burnt out psychologically. Now I’m more prepared, now I’m more ready, now I’m a champion, man. I’m like a different person. Now I move and I feel the ring differently. I’m enjoying what I’m doing and Donegi (Abena), I notice that he change his style too.”

“He start to work smarter. His body has become physically stronger. So I think it’s going to be a really interesting match. It won’t be easy either way. Not for him and not for me. But my fans know that when I’m going to the ring, the main thing that I want to do is bring on the show. So they will get the show. They will get a brutal show (laughs), that’s for sure.”

Maslobojev’s title-winning effort garnering the award for Glory’s 2022 fight of the year

“That was an honour actually, really. I felt at that moment, I was like feeling blessed. That you know at last I was like nominated and then like picked as fight of the year. Because I always wanted to bring the best of me. The best view of martial arts and kickboxing.”

Glory 83

Having an amateur kickboxing win over current UFC middleweight champion Alex Pereira and Maslobojev’s thoughts on Poaton‘s career progression since their clash

“I’m really proud of him and I’m really happy for him. We were like talking before, even when he started to fight in Glory. I was posting the pic (from) when I won and I said man, it would be so great to meet you in the ring again. See in the professional ring who is the better man right at this point. Later when I came to Glory, he left to UFC. So again we didn’t meet in professional ring. But you never know, maybe life will send me to UFC too (laughs) and then we’ll catch Alex Pereira again.”

Having a previous MMA track record and if more mixed martial arts action awaits Maslobojev

“Well why not? Of course. The main thing that I need to do is get a USA visa. If I will get US visa, I will go to the best gym and start to develop my ground game. Man, I can be in the business, for sure. I think I have an experience, I have the character, and I have the will. I can show a really good show over there too.”

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