Elias Theodorou Will Have to Change More Than His Style

Elias Theodorou Says He Isn’t Bitter Over UFC Release

The release of Elias Theodorou came as a surprise to many, but “The Spartan” isn’t expressing any ill will.

Theodorou was last seen in action last month. He shared the Octagon with Derek Brunson in the co-main event of UFC Ottawa. Theodorou lost the bout via unanimous decision. Shortly after, “The Spartan” was released from the UFC despite going 8-3 under the promotion and just having his three-fight winning streak snapped.

Theodorou told MMAJunkie.com that the good news is that he won’t be hurting financially:

“There are many organizations that have already reached out that pretty much pay what the UFC pays in some capacity. And now with the avenue of having sponsors potentially involved, there are avenues I could make the same money as a UFC fighter elsewhere.”

Despite his success, Theodorou isn’t ragging on the UFC for releasing him. In fact, “The Spartan” is looking at the bright side:

“I have no ill will toward the UFC. I don’t think being upset about it does anyone good. Especially myself. I don’t want to burn any bridges, but I also want to look at it in the positive aspects where I’m happy and healthy, and I’ve been successful in 20 of my professional times.”

Brunson has said he believes Theodorou’s release is the result of an underlying issue. Others believe the UFC simply didn’t feel the middleweight was entertaining enough inside the Octagon or out. Whatever the reason, Theodorou will have to look for a new place to call home in terms of his professional fighting career.

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