Evander Holyfield

Evander Holyfield wants to ‘be part of’ Zuffa Boxing

Evander Holyfield says he wants to be a part of Zuffa Boxing once the UFC and Dana White launch the company.

The former heavyweight boxing champion knows White is the best at promotion MMA but he thinks he can help out a lot with Zuffa Boxing given all of his experience.

“I think, Dana White, he had proven it when he did the Mixed Martial Arts, he knows the stuff,” Holyfield said on the Sirius XM’s Fight Nation’s Defining Moments of the Decade Show (via BJPENN.com). “I think that with him and the way that he do things, it could be big. Hopefully, if he do it, let me be part of it.”

What he wants to be doing with Zuffa Boxing is unknown. Rather, he just wants to help out and make Zuffa Boxing an elite promotion.

“I just think that if thing is going to grow for him. He has to have people who have been the very best. People tend to come and pay more attention when you have people like myself and maybe Floyd Mayweather. Anybody who has been world champion, who was good, and there was no doubt that they were good fighters. This kind of draw to attention that makes things a little easier than it would if you think you can just do it yourself.”

Whether or not Dana White will let Evander Holyfield be a part of Zuffa Boxing is to be seen. But, he would no doubt add a wealth of experience. And, the UFC boss hinted at Floyd Mayweather coming out of retirement for Zuffa Boxing. So, to have Mayweather fighting and Holyfield on the backend, Zuffa Boxing would no doubt be in good hands.

Yet, when Zuffa Boxing will even launch is still unknown after several delays but White promises it is coming.

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