Everything you need to know about Dominoes

To begin with, here are some things you have to know.

What is Dominoes?

Dominoes is one of the most played games online today. It is a variant of the classic game, which can be played with two to eight players. It uses a standard set of dominoes or tiles, and all these are shuffled thoroughly before play commences. Play dominoqq at our site and win exciting rewards!

Player’s guide

One player becomes the dealer by drawing out five tiles from the stock and dropping them onto his rack without exposing any pips (the designs at their ends). Play starts from that point onwards with each player, in turn, selecting one tile from those available till all but five have been taken up.

As soon as the last “dummy” tile is drawn, which means either that no more can be drawn or that there are no more tiles left on the table, the play ends.

Forms and variants

Dominoes has many forms online that you can play. One variety sees both players drawing seven tiles each and picking up a tile at random from their racks for extra options when making moves.

Another variant is an eight-player game in which five tiles are initially dealt with each respective player, who then discard two of them face down before picking the rest of three. Finally, for another variation, three rounds of dealing six tiles respectively may be played with four players taking part.

These games can be played with up to eight players, with the winner being determined by a simple majority of tiles that have been laid down on the table. Nowadays, dominoes are not as popular as they use to be, but there is still interest in them for those who want a challenging game to play online.

Mechanics – Skill Building

Here is how you can choose your own variant:

  1. To begin with, select an option among the two aforementioned games or else invent one that conforms to your preferences·
  2. Select from 1 – 8 players when selecting how many people will participate in this game

3.The level of complexity (the of strategy, etc.) you seek will help determine the length of time that is required to play ·

  1. To decide on the level of complexity, think about how to bring in a balance between luck and skill into your game. Great games have elements of both.


There are online gaming sites where you can access these games without much ado to play them for free or if you want something more competitive. There are also gambling sites where you can put up some cash for stakes and win some handsome returns at times, depending upon your skills.

Rules and regulations

Rules and regulations are pretty simple when playing however; take note of the following:

  1. The players involved must begin by drawing tiles from a common pile (this can be done electronically or by hand and might also include jokers for added fun) till each is left with 16 tiles, which will have been selected at random.
  2. The players can have more than 16 tiles if there were not enough drawn from the stockpile to give everyone his fair share but be warned that they are going to have lesser choices as they draw out their own tiles since those with fewer tiles in front of them will get first pick from the rest before the others can select theirs.
  3. The player who has drawn out all twelve dominoes must wait till he gets one that will allow him another turn; this means when there are no more dominoes available, play stops.

Set of Dominoes

A set of dominoes is used in a similar way to dice in other card and board games. In many variations, one set is used per player. Each domino carries only one pip (the dots on each end).

However, a “zero” with no pips might be used when not necessary to distinguish it from another tile that has an identical sequence except for having two or more pips instead of just one. Several sets are needed if multiple players are involved.

Double six dominoes

One common variation involves using only double-six dominoes. The twenty-eight tiles are shuffled and dealt in batches of six, face down, to each player; these then form his hand for the game’s duration, which is played as usual except that blank tiles are never drawn in this variation.


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