curved gloves, UFC 287

Finally! UFC to debut new curved gloves at UFC 287

Take off the goggles! According to Gilbert Burns, the UFC is using a new curved glove design at UFC 287 for the first time. In an effort to reduce eye pokes, the change has been called out for some time to help with fighter safety. The era of curved gloves are finally here.

On an episode of Countdown, Burns said that the gloves are so much better and will help prevent eye pokes that stop action in a fight.

“I love it because people don’t see, but it kind of makes your fingers go down, so less eye pokes,” Burns said, modeling the new gear. “So, I like it, see my hands are relaxed, [the fingers] don’t stay here. Way better for no eye poke. I like these new gloves.”

Curved Gloves: Long Time Coming

Since Trevor Wittman appeared in the Joe Rogan Experience with Justin Gaethje and showed off his own curved gloves, fans have been calling for a change to be made to prevent eye pokes to help save eyes and reduce breaks in fights.

With the solution so readily available, there was a lot of outcry to make the change to the curved gloves. For years, the change was never made and many fighters had to deal with the pokes. The highest profile was the Daniel Cormier and Stipe Miocic fights that had several eye pokes on both sides.

With serial eye poker, Jon Jones, back in action, the change will be welcome to whoever he fights.

The change to curved gloves is a good move for the sport and good for the fighters. Less injuries, less chance for losing an eye, and less stop in the action will be beneficial for fighters and fight fans.

What do you think of the curved gloves? Good move, or will it make a difference?

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