Frankie Perez

UFC veteran Frankie Perez still has that hunger to compete, returns to Ring of Combat 63

Frankie Perez has tasted the success of the UFC.  He worked his way there through the cage at Ring of Combat which is one of the most successful regional MMA promotions in the country.  Louis Neglia and Dead Serious Promotions have teamed up to continue the pipeline of young, excited, talented fighters who enter the cage at the Tropicana Casino Hotel and Resort and then go on to greater heights.  Perez went 1-3 in the UFC, but he still holds a very respectable 10-4 career record.  At 29 years old, Perez still has many good years ahead of him.  It’s not inconceivable that with a couple of wins, he could find himself getting another call from Dana White.

Frankie spends most of his life in the gym.  He is an instructor at Dante’ Rivera BJJ and also spends quality time at Ricardo Almeida’s and Nick Catone’s highly rated training facilities.  He has made mixed martial arts his career, but also grinds out many nights and weekends as a DJ.  He was born to bring people out of their seats it seems, whether in battle, or jamming with the tunes.

“I’m going in there and getting the win. It will be in devastating fashion.  I can’t wait to be back in there and hearing the people chanting my name.”

Perez told me as I caught up him as he was putting in his final preparations and cutting his last few pounds. We also had some fun as he says that Corey Anderson is his brother from another mother are constantly breaking each others balls and have a lot of fun while doing so.  Perez also informed me that he was the biggest talker in the gym despite so much competition from Frankie Edgar, Chris Liquori and Anderson.  Check out our full interview below.

Perez takes on a very dangerous Jerome Mickel.  Despite his 3-5 record, Mickel is a tenacious striker and is coming off of a huge knockout with a brutal knee at Ring of Combat 62. ROC 63 goes down this Friday, June 8th inside the Tropicana Showroom just off the Atlantic City Boardwalk. MyMMANews will be on site for up to the minute results and photos.