Genia Goodin Aims to Continue Winning Ways at Invicta 40

Genia Goodin Aims to Continue Winning Ways at Invicta 40

The unbinding of the COVID-19 restrictions has given way to the reopening of many sports franchises, including Mixed Martial Arts. After four months of the company’s closure, Invicta FC will be making its return on July 2 with Invicta 40, airing live from an undisclosed venue in Kansas City. Making her second appearance, fighting on fight card, will be strawweight competitor, Genia Goodin. Although 1-0 in her professional standing, Goodin is undefeated as an amateur, which includes becoming the Strawweight Apex Fights champion. The four years of experience as an amateur aided significantly in her preparation transitioning into the pro division.

“The reason I competed so much as an amateur is to help prepare me for my professional career,” Goodin told MYMMANEWS.”

The strategy proved to be a success, as Goodin found herself making her professional debut for rising women’s fight franchise, Invicta FC. Goodin’s first fight saw her battling against Valerie Wong at Invicta 35. Goodin was able to walk away victorious in the contest with a split decision victory. Even in victory, Goodin is her most prominent critic, as she is always reviewing her performance to improve the flaws in her game, both mental and in skillset.

“The biggest edge I had that I believe gave me the victory in that fight was my takedowns in the first round. However, looking back, I wish I was more aggressive in trying to finish my opponent, and not play it safe.”

The remaining year of 2019 saw a silent period, as Genia Goodin seemed to have disappeared from the MMA competition scene. Yet the delay in being able to compete never stopped Goodin’s craving for continuing her athletic lifestyle, which was expressed through relentless physical training, aiding teammates, and other exercises for self-improving. Even during the drastic shift going into the year 2020, which saw the rise of the COVID-19 pandemic, Genia was still able to find ways to train

“The closing of the gyms because of COVID-19 did not affect me at all,” she said. “I was still able to continue my training at home, by myself and with my husband.”

As COVID-19 restrictions lessen, fight companies are beginning to restart their businesses. The reopening of these companies also benefits the fighters, as they now find themselves back with work, competing, and showcasing their talents on a televised platform. After a one-year hiatus, Genia Goodin will be making her return to action at Invicta 40, as she squares off against Shelby Koren. Koren finds herself in a similar role as her opponent Goodin, as she also comes in with an undefeated amateur record, making her professional debut at Invicta.

Eagar to spring back in action, Goodin accepted the match on short notice, only having three weeks of preparation. With very little time to prepare, Goodin was able to use the limited timespan, training with her fight team in Knoxville, Tennessee. Reflecting on her last fight appearance, Goodin is assuring fight fans that they will see a different competitor from the Genia Goodin they saw at Invicta 35 against Wong.

“I took this fight on three weeks’ notice, so I had very little time to prepare. Luckily, since my last appearance, I have always stayed active training, so the preparation for this fight was not too difficult. Going into this fight, everyone will see a more aggressive Genia Goodin that will be looking to finish the fight.”

Victory is always the goal for any fighter going to battle. Still, what does securing the win mean in the long run? Goodin has plentiful aspirations for her Mixed Martial Arts career. Whether it be staying with Invicta or competing on other major platforms, Goodin is taking one battle at a time, on the journey to becoming a dominating force in Women’s MMA.

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