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George Miller doing what he loves, enters the ring at USKA Muay-Thai Takanakuy

George Miller is scheduled to enter the ring on December 7th in Allentown at USKA Muay-Thai Takanakuy to battle Almir Pereira. George is a humble warrior who is working hard to get better at a craft that he loves.  I spoke with Miller this weekend in preparation of his bout and he told us…

“I was in college in 2011 and I stumbled upon Kruyod Hamza (Maisonet) and his family and I just started flowing.  After a few classes I got hooked.  I found my niche in life.  I found what I had been missing my whole life and I just stayed.  I found what I was missing and it was Muay-Thai.  Kru took me in like I was family.  I’ve lived with Kru.  I currently live with his son Brandon Maisonet.  It’s been the best thing in my life.”  

I can completely understand where he is coming from.  Kru Maisonet is someone that I always look forward to seeing at events.  He is a passionate, caring man when it comes to the sport and living life.  He has quite a resume.

Kru Hamzah Maisonet has trained in various martial arts systems, since the age of four. He is certified in the arts of Jeet Kune Do, Kickboxing, Western Boxing, Yau Kung Mun and Muay Thai. Kru Hamzah was a two time professional Muay Thai kickboxing champion and is the former USMTA Muay Thai champion in two different weight divisions.
Kru Hamzah was trained and certified by Kru.Yodtong Sennans’s Sityotong Muay Thai Boxing Camp, located 150 kilometers south of Bangkok just on the outskirts of the city of Pattaya In Thailand. Kru Hamzah has received his instructors certificate from Kru. Yodtong Senanan.

He is a certified instructor and registered under the USMTA. He was formally ranked as: State and Regional Champion. Titles under the USMTA New York State Champion, Mid West Division Champion, Eastern Division Champion, Regional Champion, former USMTA Welterweight World Champion, Tri-State Champion under KICK and World Champion under the USKBA. Holds 70 Wins, and 2 Losses and 23 by knockout.

His opponent Pereira, comes from Algeo MMA and Kickboxing which is a sister school of Maisonet Thai Boxing so both fighters are well aware of how they prepare and compete.  This should be a tremendous match-up of two respectful, dangerous men  as MyMMANews will be on site bringing you live results and a full recap with some post-fight interviews.  Stay right here for the greatest combat sports coverage in the Milky Way.George Miller George Miller George Miller

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