George Tokkos Looking To Get Last Win Before UFC, At Fury FC 55

George Tokkos Looking To Get Last Win Before UFC, At Fury FC 55

Anytime, anywhere. This is the mindset of one George Tokkos.

The light heavyweight prospect made a good first impression on Dana White at Fury FC 53 earlier this month. After the opening bell, he would put his opponent to sleep within minutes with a d’arce choke. A statement was made, but a contract was not.

The UFC boss didn’t sign ‘Tuco’ that fateful night in Denver, but not all hope is lost for the rising prospect.

For Tokkos, he was told post-fight he is closer than ever to a UFC call. Rumor has it that he just needs to get another impressive win to ink a deal with the promotion.

Heading into the fight, Tokkos didn’t this have this on his mind too much, but the reality of a UFC contract crept in deeper after the spectacular performance.

“I kind of went in there with no expectations.” Tokkos said in a recent interview. “I knew [Dana White] was going to be watching. I wasn’t really thinking about that. I was like, let me just get a good ‘W’, but then like the nature of the finish, like I put a guy to sleep. It was quite an feeling like it felt to me the same as like knocking someone out. It was pretty cool to like put a guy to sleep like that.

“I was keeping an eye on the fights. They were real boring and there weren’t (many) finishes. I know Dana went to see that guy, Mo Miller, that kid who was on Contender Series, and then he lost.
So I was like, oh, damn, I might be in with a chance here.

Similar to Contender Series, Tokkos waited around in the venue, awaiting word of a UFC contract.

“The promoter, Eric Garcia, said to me ‘don’t go anywhere’. He’s like, ‘it’s looking good. They like you, I think they’re going to sign you’. So I was like, oh sh*t, that’s a great bonus. Especially, at my weight class. I’ve gone up to 205, the UFC is thin at 205. So I was like damn, I might be in with a chance here.

“But then the co-main and the main event, they both had finishes. I think they’d been on contender series. They were like, Dana’s actual assignment. So I wasn’t sour. I was like, oh, they deserve it. It’s no big deal.

“After the show, I had some people say to me, they liked me. They said they want me to get one more win. So I was like, okay, that’s fine. That’s still a good opportunity.”

Taking no damage at Fury FC 53, George Tokkos is already good to go for another one. “Next one tomorrow! Let’s go!” Tokkos told My MMA News.
‘Tuco’ is wanting to stay true to his word. He is already targeting a fight next month, to end off a great 2021. With a win in December, he’d have 3 straight wins in 3 months.
“I’m ready to go again. I can fight tomorrow or next week. After the rumors saying ‘you just need one more win’, Fury FC, they’ve been really good,  they said we can get you back on ASAP, so they’re trying to get me a fight on Dec. 19 to keep the ball rolling. [Fury FC 55], that’s a great show.”
 Whether Georges Tokkos fights at Fury FC 55 next month, still remains to be a question. However, if ‘Tuco’ takes and makes the most out of the potential opportunity, we could see him in the Octagon sooner rather than later.
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