Gervonta Davis

Gervonta Davis Allegedly Involved in Hit And Run Incident

Gervonta Davis has found trouble soon after his Knockout of the Year candidate against Leo Santa Cruz. According to WJZ, Davis is wanted on a suspected hit-and-run car incident in Baltimore, Maryland. Davis allegedly ran a red light and hit another car. It is still not confirmed if it was Gervonta Davis in the car or not.

The accident had several people in the other car with minor injuries and one sent to the hospital. It’s also reported the accident happened at 1:53 am on Thursday at the intersection of Washington Boulevard and Martin Luther King Boulevard.

Gervonta Davis is innocent until proven guilty, however. He will have to appear in court and then a decision will be made on his punishment if found guilty.

Gervonta Davis’ troubled past

Tank is no stranger to controversy. He’s been in trouble with the law in the past multiple times. Earlier this year, Davis found himself in trouble for domestic violence as he was videoed at an event manhandling his girlfriend in the crowd. In 2017 and 2018, Gervonta Davis in trouble for assault again. In 2017, his charge was reduced to second-degree but 2018 he was in a fist fight with another man.

Davis is coming off the biggest win of his career. In a highlight knockout of Leo Santa Cruz, Davis claimed two belts and showed the Mayweather Promotions prospect exceling at a high level. Davis and Mayweather Promotions had been criticized in the past for babying Tank and padding his record for too long. It’s unsure how these allegations will affect Davis and when he will box again and could be a major setback for his career, especially if he faces jail time due to his past actions.

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