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Get to Know Ring Announcer, Stunt Man and Actor, Steve Mason

Ring Announcer Steve Mason joined Carroll’s Corner MMA Podcast to speak about how he was introduced to holding the mic, performing stunts, and acting for feature films and TV shows. Mason is the ring announcer for several promotions on Long Island, including Jackhammer Promotions and Flex Fights.

In a series of articles, I want to show what it takes for promotions to create an event. The people needed to string together a show will surprise anyone that doesn’t have inside knowledge of the inner workings of a promotion. I’ll be interviewing the various jobs required to put an event on.

The first job we tackle is the Ring Announcer. Steve Mason is the unofficial hype man for every fighter that enters the cage. In the interview, we discuss the pride that boils over inside a fighter as a ring announcer of Mason’s quality delivers introductions. Nothing is more prideful than a fighter’s name being introduced. It represents everything they are.

Mason expresses his passion for introducing the fighters in the interview. The unofficial hype man for every fighter that enters the cage is a special one that connects the fans in the crowd to the fighter, the fans at home watching on tv to the fighter, and the fighter to the fight he’s about to participate in.

In addition to being a ring announcer, Mason is a stunt man and an actor. He tells some phenomenal stories during the interview about how he fell into being a stunt man. Plus, he explains why he decided to start acting. Mason has credits in numerous movies and shows, including Eight, Happy, Gotham, and Power. Check out Mason’s IMDB.

Mason, one of the truly nicest people you’ll ever come across, exemplifies the meaning of treating those how you want to be treated.

Mason is passionate about many things he’s involved with, but probably none more so than the work he does when he speaks in front of assemblies of young men and women about suicide prevention. Mason has a website that lists numerous resources for people to contact and speak to about tough topics. The website is toughtopics.org. “It ALL starts with a conversation”.

The man of many talents is also the CEO of Klever Kosmetics. Check out the Cosmetics company by visiting https://www.kleverkosmetics.com/.

Make sure to follow Steve Mason on social media at @Iamstevemason on all social media platforms.

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